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June 06, 2017

Fast-food lovers, rejoice: You can now order McDonald's on UberEATS

Ronald McDonald joins the ranks of Stephen Starr

When UberEATS launched in Philly last August, it boasted delivered dishes from high-end Stephen Starr restaurants like Pod, El Vez, Buddakan, as well as a handful of local Philly favorites like Deke’s Barbecue (RIP) and Hawthornes Cafe. What gave UberEATS a bit of an edge over apps like Caviar and GrubHub was its comparatively low delivery fee and the inclusion of restaurants you couldn’t find elsewhere, including all 13 local Starr restaurants.

Since last summer, the app has made steps toward more inclusivity with the types of restaurants it includes, rather than solely focusing on pricier restaurants and tacking on an additional delivery fee. Today marks a particularly big step with the addition of McDonald's to the UberEATS repertoire. In fact, if you’re checking the app from Center City for breakfast, the Broad & Carpenter location might be the very first option you see.

“We’re thrilled to partner with McDonald’s to give fans in the Greater Philadelphia Region easy access to their McDonald’s favorites,” Casey Verkamp, general manager of UberEATS Philadelphia, said in a statement. “People in the Greater Philadelphia Region search for McDonald’s in the UberEATS app almost daily, so we’re excited to expand our reach.”

To commemorate the occasion, the fast-food chain's signature Happy Meals will be delivered to children and families staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. McDonald's will also make a special delivery to the front office staff of the Philadelphia Eagles and players this Friday.

“We are excited to bring a new level of convenience and personalization to our customers in the Greater Philadelphia Region with UberEATS," Charles Ehlers said in a statement. Ehlers is the president of McDonald’s Greater Philadelphia Region Owner/Operator Association. “As part of McDonald’s ongoing food journey, we are continuing to offer more ways for our customers to enjoy their favorite menu items.”