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April 24, 2022

Aldo Lamberti unveils pandemic-stalled redesign, new menu of Positano Coast in Old City

The Italian and seafood restaurant began the renovation in 2019 when designer Pietro del Vaglio was tapped for the project

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042422 Positano Coast 1.jpg Adriano Martino/Adriano Martino

The COVID-19 pandemic stalled Aldo Lamberti's plans for a complete redesign of his Old City Italian and seafood restaurant, Positano Coast. The project itself began in 2019 and was slated for completion in 2020, but the pandemic sent Italian designer Pietro del Vaglio home amid widespread lockdowns, putting the restaurant's plan on an indefinite hold.

During that time, the Lamberti family invested in outdoor dining at both Positano Coast and Caffe Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill. When pandemic restrictions on international traveling were lifted, the renovations were able to resume, resulting in a completely new look for the restaurant, including new food, cocktail, and mocktail menus. 

The original idea for the restaurant was to bring guests on a tour of Italy using decor, pictures, and art to accompany the menu. For the redesign, Pietro del Vaglio updated the vision to allow guests to imagine themselves looking out at the streets of Positano. 

The new restaurant includes new warm-toned furniture, wood designs, chandeliers, new photography and artwork, new sculptures, and other additions. The bright-colored furniture is meant to resemble the fruits and colors of Positano, and black and white photos featured throughout the restaurant are meant to provide the nostalgia of someone returning home after a long trip. 

042422 Positano Coast 5.jpgAdriano Martino/Adriano Martino

Along with the renovation comes an all-new menu spring menu: 

Peruvian scallops ($21): crab imperial, lemon butter
Chilled lobster ($20): avocado, mango, mustard viniagrette
Gnocchi ($24): potato dumplings, cream of zucchini, lemon zest
Lobster ravioli ($28): vodka sauce
Fregola ($14): carrots, zucchini, squash, corn, lemon
Grilled calamari ($18): frisee, tomato lemon
Prosciutto flatbread ($19): buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, roasted tomato, pesto
Crispy skin orata ($27): carrots, leeks, caper berry-tomato vinaigrette
Veal chop parmigiana ($48): fresh mozzarella, marinara
Chicken milanese ($25): herb crusted, frisee, arugula, tomatoes, lemon

042422 Positano Coast 3.jpgAdriano Martino/Adriano Martino

Positano Coast's new cocktail and mocktail menus feature colorful creations to accompany the redesign: 

No, I'm Just the Postman: St. George California Shochu, Cachaca, lychee, finochietto, falernum, lemon
Gazillionaire:  Sagamore rye, limonchello, absinthe, pomegranate molasses, lemon, Peychaud's
Clever Girl: Angel's Envy bourbon, pineapple cordial, cerasum aperitivo, creme de banane
Bradsell: Ford's gin, blueberry/mint compote, fino sherry, citric acid
Tatuaje de Prision:  Banhez mezcal, peach agua frezca, prickly pear liquor, amara alta verde, obsidian salt
Sugar High: tequila, watermelon juice, agua perfecta eau de vie, cardamom, lime
Become Ungovernable: Don Q Anejo XO rum, pistachio/almond liqueur, apricot, lime
Sober Sour (Zero-Proof): house-made barley "whisky," egg white, lemon, demeara sugar, cherry bitters, orange blossom
Matcha-do About Nothing (Zero-Proof): matcha green tea, coconut cream, lime, lemon essence, Pellegrino, mint garnish
El Vagon (Zero-Proof): chair syrup, lemon, lavender water, grapefruit soda, anise, sea salt

Lamberti is also reopening "Tramonti," Positano Coast's outdoor space on Walnut and Dock streets. Weather permitting, the dining area should be open by the last weekend in April. On Friday nights and weekend brunch times, Positano Coast will feature Philly DJs playing lounge music on both patios. 

Here is a first look at Positano Coast's redesign. Reservations can be made online or by phone at (215) 238-0499. 

042422 Positano Coast 4.jpgAdriano Martino/Adriano Martino

Positano CoastCourtesy of/Adriano Martino

Positano Coast is currently taking reservations for those who want to check out the renovations in person.

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