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November 13, 2020

FOX29's Alex Holley falls off chair on live TV, blames Friday the 13th

'Good Day Philadelphia' co-anchor laughs off tumble

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Alex Holley Fall FOX29/Alley Holley via Twitter

Alex Holley slid down in her chair during Friday morning's broadcast of "Good Day Philadelphia" — and then actually fell off of it.

Superstitions about Friday the 13th are often traced to a handful of sources: Norse mythology, the Last Supper, the French incarceration of the Knights Templar on that day in 1307, and the publication of Thomas Lawson's eponymous novel in 1907.

It all fits under the umbrella of "triskaidekaphobia" — fear of the number 13. 

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And now we have the case study of FOX29's Alex Holley falling out of her chair this morning on "Good Day Philadelphia."

Here's the clip.

It looks as if Holley kind of set herself up for that one. The thud sounds authentic, to be sure, but when you scoot yourself under a desk on a chair with wheels, you're asking for some amount of trouble.

This wasn't a case of one of these "falls" ...

... but it also probably wasn't a Friday the 13th ripple in the fabric of the universe.

The real miracle is that for a very brief moment in time, Mike Jerrick looked like the show's formal on-script news presence. 

Fortunately, Holley did not suffer any injuries, apart from a little embarrassment.