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July 03, 2019

These weighted workout bracelets are the MOST millennial fitness accessory

Bala Bangles take the athleisure trend to the next level – with no loss of function

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bala bangles workout bracelets Photo courtesy/Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles are what the company calls "the world's first stylish wearable weights."

If you think back to workout tapes from the 1980s — a la Jane Fonda — you’ll notice, aside from the interesting outfits, is the generous use of ankle and wrist weights.

These light weights, typically ranging from about one to five pounds, can be used to create an added challenge in a number of body weight exercises.

These retro fitness accessories just got a very millennial-friendly upgrade thanks to the brand Bala Bangles, which has created stylish, one- to two-pound weights that can be worn on the wrists or ankles. 

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But the real appeal to Bala Bangles is that while they are functional, they also look like any normal bracelet that you would wear to accessorize an outfit. While this may make it sound like Bala Bangles are made for women only, they do come in colors appealing to everyone — green, black, pink, blue and tan.

According to the Bala Bangles website, the weights add “constant but comfortable resistance to your workout – to increase heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle.” The company says the bangles can be used yoga to running and even boxing and dance. 

On Amazon, Bala Bangles have 4.3 stars out of five, with 33 customer reviews. One four-star review states:

“These are awesome wrist/ankle weights, a product that hasn’t been updated since the 1980s. You can space the bars evenly across the band and – unlike traditional ankle weights – there are no beads to leak from the inevitably snagged fabric. I didn’t think that 1 lb would be enough weight but I definitely feel it after wearing them most of the day on my wrists. They do have a very strong smell, but I’m sure that will dissipate over time. – 1 star for the price... I’m so embarrassed that I spent $50 on ankle weights, but I guess the “investment” makes you stick with it!

In a Refinery29 staff review of the product, one writer, Molly Longman, noted that while a great addition in the gym:

“I definitely don’t recommend running in them. Perhaps it was partially in my mind, but I felt that the bracelets were dragging me down and taking the spring out of my step. I'm also aware that ankle and wrist and ankle weights can increase risk of injury when it comes to cardio. But I still think they're worth the investment if you use them in the right venue.” 

Bala Bangles can be purchased here. Pricing depends upon weight, but range from $49 to $65. 

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