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June 26, 2019

Fitness YouTuber choreographs full-body workout to viral 'Old Town Road' song

MadFit has plenty more fun workouts following suit

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old town road workout choreography Photo courtesy/MadFit/YouTube

Maddie Lymburger posts free workouts to her MadFit YouTube channel.

YouTube is a surprisingly bountiful resource for folks who prefer at-home workouts, not to mention, they’re usually free — making the website a purveyor of budget-friendly at-home workouts.

One YouTuber in particular, MadFit, has an entire channel offering free workouts. They range from workouts for certain body parts, to full-body and even specialized to feature moves without jumping for those with downstairs neighbors. 

MadFit also posts workouts choreographed to fun and trending songs, so subscribers can listen to their favorite song on repeat while getting in a killer workout.

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Last week, the YouTuber posted a choreographed workout to this summer's anthem, “Old Town Road,” an unlikely collaboration from Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, resulting in a fun, country-meets-rap remix that has gone viral.

Check out the free, at-home, no equipment choreographed workout MadFit created to “Old Town Road” here:

While she’s clearly having fun, it’s obvious that this two-minute and 43-second video is enough to get your heart rate up. While the choreography — and the song, for that matter — are fun enough to complete over and over again, another great use for this would be as a warm-up for any run or gym session.

The moves featured in the video work just about every muscle group – from legs to abs to arms. 

Currently, the video has more than 609,000 views on the social network, where it has been very well received. “I feel like i have abs just watching this,” one commenter said, while another exclaims “I love the rhythm-based workouts. So much more fun. You are an inspiration.”

MadFit’s other choreographed workouts include “Wow” by Post Malone, “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, and many more. Check out her channel here

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