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May 26, 2015

Bourdain: Best cheesesteak might not be in Philly

Teaser for upcoming South Jersey episode of 'Parts Unknown' says Camden joint may hold that title

Television personality and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain may have Philadelphia up in arms after the newest episode of "Parts Unknown" airs this Sunday.

In the newest episode, Bourdain highlights several eateries in South Jersey, one of them being Donkey's Place in Camden. A teaser video for the episode, set to air at 9 p.m. on May, 31 on CNN, hints that the joint's cheesesteak may rival any location in Philly. 

In the video, Bourdain calls Philly "Center of the cheesesteak universe," and then quickly drops a line sure to ignite the ire of sandwich vendors across the city. 

"But, what if it isn't? They're better than that. They're bigger than that. And the best cheesesteak in the area, might well come from New Jersey," Bourdain says. 

Donkey's does, by all accounts, have a truly delicious sandwich. However, several Philly establishments would certainly disagree that Camden is home to the Delaware Valley's best cheesesteak.