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May 04, 2015

Calories Comparison: CrossFit vs. Avg. Gym Workout

Spoiler: CrossFit wins, burning 261 calories in just 20 minutes, about the same as a half hour at the gym

CrossFit has been called a cult, fitness fad and nascent sport. 

It's been criticized as being too intense, too expensive and straight up dangerous.

At the same time, defenders have argued it’s fun, makes you uber fit and can help you become a better person. 

In an attempt to put the arguments to rest -- or perhaps further divide the camps -- Men’s Health pitted the CrossFit regimen against a typical half-hour at the gym and published the findings:


If these findings have inspired you to join camp CrossFit, consider these three tips: 

1) Learn the lingo.

2) Choose a box that fits. (If you reviewed tip one, you will know what a box is.)

3) Set your goals.

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