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September 06, 2015

Christie says rock climbing walls 'epidemic' hitting U.S. colleges

Republican candidate questions use of universities' use of funds

Colleges are taking parents' desires to get their kids a good education for granted, and rock climbing walls are a symbol of that problem, according to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The Republican presidential candidate was speaking at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Friday when he was asked about the cost of higher education. 

Christie went on to regale about a letter he received from Notre Dame, where his daughter attends, that said tuition was going to increase by about 3 percent. 

He joked with the small crowd about it but ultimately went on to say that colleges aren't beholden to markets, giving them the ability to pump up costs without fear of consumer backlash. 

An example of the issue, Christie explained, is the number of rock climbing walls being constructed at colleges across the nation. 

He cited the wall located at the University of New Hampshire while describing how he believes institutions get away with sending out vague tuition bills without explaining what the money is paying for. 

"You have rocks," Christie said, being met with laughter. "What the hell do you need a rock climbing wall for? Tell the kids at UNH to go outside and climb those rocks." 

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