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June 30, 2019

A collection of hate mail from our dumpster fire series

This past week, all week long, we published 10 reasons each of the NFC East teams will be a dumpster fire in 2018, in which we pointed out the biggest flaws of each team heading into the season. In case you missed it, you can catch up here:

DUMPSTER FIRE SERIES: Cowboys | Giants | WashingtonEagles | Rest of the NFC

The series drew a lot of angry emails, as it does every year. The whiniest of the bunch were Giants fans.

Anyway, we'll post some of the better emails here for your enjoyment. I remain stunned by the level of illiteracy in this country. We'll leave grammar and spelling errors unedited. In other words, these emails appear exactly as they were received:

“Philly wruter full of s***. That was probably the dumbest article I've ever seen.... Carson Wentz is probably the most overrated quarterback in the history of football... watch and learn you stupid young man.”

#JimmyRebuttal: Being called young is the best hate mail I've ever received.

“(A bunch of crying laughing emojis) baby”

#JimmyRebuttal: Last year, in a lot of the emails I received, people typed out their entire message in the subject line and left the body of the email blank. That's what this dude did here, and it was once again a recurring theme overall.

“When are you gonna work for a paper that actually has to be paid for?  Bird cage liner is exactly what your column is good for.

I won't stoop to your level and pick at all Carson Wentz' scabs, but as for "improbable win," the Eagles did it with a back up quarterback that was cast aside at least twice and ready to retire.  When you add to that Wentz can't stay healthy, I really have to wonder how you feel you can take shots at anyone's managerial performance.

As for the "one and done" playoff performance of a few years ago.  It was the "me only" blonde haired receiver who has to accept blame for the loss.  Do I think the Giants would have gone further?  Not at all, particularly with that coach, but we'll never know thanks to wonder boy dropping pass after pass.”

#JimmyRebuttal: Giants' ownership/management has become completely incompetent, and sometimes competence doesn't matter when you can easily brainwash your fan base into believing that trading the best player on the team for 20 cents on the dollar was a good idea.

“lol , chumpski the Boys are a dumpster fire ? ..that means the fleagals are a plugged up toilet .. philthy's 2018 record against the World's favorite Dallas Cowboys 0000000000000000000-2 ..still rather butthurt eh dumpski ..LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL”

JimmyRebuttal: I have no comeback to this. Owned.

"Jimmy, They will whip on Philly this year! Once again you have done a poor analysis of Giants and the GMs moves. Giant fan since 1956"

#JimmyRebuttal: I mean, they've lost at least 10 games in four of the last five years, so without knowing exactly what issues he has with my previous analysis of the team, I would say that any criticisms of the Giants' management are probably on pretty solid ground.

“Your head is up your ass”

#JimmyRebuttal: A rare correct usage of your/you're.

Yo I read your Dallas will be a dumbster fire article. I makes no sense what so ever (crying laughing emojis) How did u even get that submitted

#JimmyRebuttal: Lol "dumbster." Also, this guy sought me out on Instagram to send this.

“Why do you think your opinions count? I know you are from Philadelphia but even those losers can see thru this type of "writing". Its like you are in a elementary school. Get a real job.”

#JimmyRebuttal: I mean, you took time out of your day to email me, which counts for something.

“#!.  Beckham was a ticking time bomb.

#2. Peppers is a better player than Collins

#3. Vernon is good but not great.

#4. Zeetler is a 6 time pro bowler.

#5. Baker was the #2 CB in the draft

#6. Barkly had NO OFFENSIVE LINE.

#7. Put Carson behind our line the last 2 years and you would have to change his name to “Dents”

Stop booing Santa Claus and pay attention, please?”

#JimmyRebuttal: OK, “Carson Dents” is pretty good. I’ll give him that. Should’ve gone "Dentz" with a z, though. I will address the first six points individually:

  1. Again, the Giants fans blaming Odell Beckham for getting trading is hilarious.
  2. Lol
  3. Agreed on Vernon, however, he was the best player on the defense, lol.
  4. "Zeetler," AKA Kevin Zeitler, is a zero-time Pro Bowler.
  5. I'm not sure what this means. He was the second CB taken? Who cares?
  6. I posted this email on Twitter, and a Twitter follower of mine replied that "Barkly" is how a dog might incorrectly spell his name if painting it on his dog house.

MORE: Barwin wants to play in Philly again: Should Eagles have interest?

"Have you ever played professionally before? Because you sure got alot to say for someone who never ,ever played football and if you did you must have been lousy because no where do I see your name. You should be a coach, a quarterback, and the whole team all by yourself  because you truly think you can .i will never read your garbage again

By the way your Eagles are 1 superbowl wonder after all these years . Here some trash to write about how they are the biggest laughing stock in the whole NFL"

#JimmyRebuttal: Heated! Lol.

"Their team name is the R*******!!! Snowflake lib doosh."

#JimmyRebuttal: There wasn't a single complaint about the actual content of the Washington dumpster fire post. However, a few dozen people demanded on social media and elsewhere that I use the team's slur of a nickname. And it wasn't just Washington fans. It was fans of all teams. For the record, I'm not sure I would consider myself either conservative or liberal, but I will say that it's odd to me that one of them would be known for -- and criticized for -- not wanting to participate in the continued use of a team nickname that is so obviously offensive. 

Email 1: "Jimmy you suck...  Get your head out of your filthy eagle ass. So biased and dirty like your body odor.#giantsrevampoline”

Email 2: "Eli lights up your sleezgules every f***ing yr u dumb f***!! Give him some protection and watch out. #jenkinsand Baker"

Email 3: "Even without the often hurt and headache of Odell, eli still torched your s*** eagles! Wait for this yr you philly trash!# saquon engram tate sterling lol revamped D"

#JimmyRebuttal: In the Eagles-Giants series, the Eagles have won four straight, nine of the last 10, and 18 of the last 22. Also, yes, this guy emailed me three times, which is pathetic, but nowhere as bad as the next guy.

And I smell terrific.

Email 1: "The only thing the Giants have going for them is that they play for the Greatest City in the world while the Eagles, admittedly a superior organization right now, represent an absolute S*** Hole of a City."

Email 2: "Compared to Philthadelphia, East Rutherford is Shangrala."

Email 3: "My car stolen in Philadelphia.   Arrested for giving away Flyers tickets, in court room with drug dealers, child molesters and thieves, credit card stolen in Philadelphia, used for strip joint, car blind sided me on Walt Whitman bridge after Flyers game. Went to miracle at Meadowlands as a kid."

Email 4: "In all seriousness, Philadelphia has a significant gun violence issue right now, and I hope for a peaceful resolution for that city"

Email 5: "1 New York City 2 Prague Czechoslovakia  3 Paris France 4. Rome italy. 5 East Rutherford, NJ. 6 London England. 7 Tokyo Japan. 8.Buenos Aires Argentina. 9 Budapest Hungary 10 Barcelona Spain"

Email 6: "586 Kabul Afganistan. 587. Mexico City. 588. Winning Manitoba.  589  Beirut Lebanon  590   Philadelphia PA,   591 Tehran Iran.  592 Baghdad Iraq"

Email 7: "1. Jesus Christ saved us from sin.  2 Mother Theresa humanitarian. 3 Martin Luther King civil rights. 4 Nigel Bradham saved pool from skimming by clobbering Cabana boy. 5 Ghandi peace.  6 Lesean MC Coy woman's rights advocate.  7 General Schwartzcoff Desert Storm. 8 Nelson Mandela battled apartied. 9 Fletcher Cox devoted husband. 10 George Washington father of our country."

Email 8: "Honorable mention Lance Johnson and Winston Churchill. LJ is President of the anti doping commission while Churchill was the Pillar of England."

Email 9: "Hypocrite. U find Redskins and OSI wishing McCoy a Happy's Mother day morally offensive but it's fine when your animalistic fan base pummels opposing fans? ie see Minnesota. More concerned with the  term Redskins than Philadelphia  literally burning to the ground?"

#JimmyRebuttal: Yep, this guy emailed me nine times

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