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December 06, 2019

Jerry Jones melts down over Dallas radio host's 'attitude' after Cowboys' latest very bad loss

The Eagles aren't the only NFC East team driving their fanbase (and their front office) insane

The 2019 NFC East might be the divison's worst iteration in years, a comedy of errors that knows no bounds. Just four days after the Eagles lost to the danged Dolphins, the Cowboys went and lost a Thursday night matchup to the not-good Chicago Bears. Was the game on the road? Sure. Do the Bears now have a winning record? Yes. But trust your eyes: the Bears are not a good football team.

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Thursday night's game was an opportunity for the Cowboys to right the ship and pad their division lead over the Eagles; instead, it just made owner Jerry Jones extremely mad. How mad, you ask? So mad that he started snapping at local radio hosts on Friday morning:

It's hard to blame Jones for being this mad about his flailing football team — they should probably be better than 6-7 — until you remember he's the one who built the roster, and he's also responsible for not firing head coach Jason Garrett.

Garrett has shown repeatedly that he isn't someone who can get the most out of his rosters. The Cowboys' brief success in 2016 was thanks in large part to a staggeringly good debut season from rookie Ezekiel Elliott, and the utilization of relatively cheap rookie contracts. That team, of course, lost its only playoff game.

Garrett is 2-3 in five playoff games during his nine-year tenure with the team, not nearly good enough for an owner as demanding as Jones, and yet he is still around.

The question posed on 105.3 The Fan was a tough one, but when you've lost three straight games during a winnable division race and you admit that you're sick of "losing, losing, losing," it's fair to ask whether you're embarrassed.

Jones, as obviously embarrassed as he is by the Cowboys' current results, showed by bristling at the question Friday that he's still not ready to look at exactly why his team is where it is.

As bad as the Eagles have been this year, they haven't reached Jerry Jones-level organizational dysfunction, so that's something. 

And Thursday night's Cowboys loss puts the onus squarely back on the Eagles' shoulders: if they win their last four games, all winnable division matchups including one against these reeling Cowboys, they'll win the NFC East and make the playoffs at 9-7. Imagine how mad Jones would be then.

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