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January 13, 2016

Drexel research team spearheads 3-D printing of embryonic stem cell 'blocks'

The research is being viewed as a gateway to the 3-D printing of functional organs

A team of Drexel University researchers has successfully 3-D printed blocks of embryonic stem cells, (ESCs), in a way that would allow them to grow and divide, The Triangle, Drexel's independent student newspaper, reports.

The team, led by Drexel professor Wei Sun, Ph.D., is the first known group to successfully print the blocks of embryonic stem cells, The Triangle reports, adding that the research breakthrough is being viewed as a potential gateway for 3-D printing cells that can grow into functional human organs.

“Depending on the size of the printed cell block and the cell density of the printing material, the ESCs demonstrated different behaviors when they began to form embryoid bodies,” The Triangle reports.

Sun and his team have reportedly also successfully printed cancerous tumors to aid in cancer treatment research.

Their next focus will be to attempt the 3-D printing of “cell-laden, micro-fluidic device” to be used for advanced drug delivery systems, which is being partially sponsored by a grant by the Drexel-SARI Research Center based in Shanghai, The Triangle reports.

Read the full story at The Triangle.

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