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For migraine sufferers, finding an effective treatment can be a headache

Migraine sufferers

Adult Health

Barriers to specialty care may be causing disparities in use of diabetes drug, Penn study finds

Diabetes drugs


Regeneron's antibody cocktail retains potency against coronavirus variants, studies show

Regeneron antibody cocktail

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Merck halts development of COVID-19 vaccine candidates

Merck COVID-19 vaccine

Adult Health

Many Black and Hispanic Americans lack confidence in access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments

COVID-19 Vaccines Racial Disparities


Umbilical cord stem cells may reduce risk of death in severe COVID-19 patients

Stem Cell Therapy COVID-19


Scientists hope antibody treatment can prevent COVID-19 after exposure

COVID-19 Antibody Treatment


FDA grants emergency use authorization to Regeneron COVID-19 antibody cocktail

regeneron covid-19 antibody cocktail.jpg


'Breakthrough finding' reveals why certain COVID-19 patients die

COVID-19 breakthrough study


Eli Lilly's COVID-19 antibody treatment trial ends early due to ineffectiveness

COVID-19 antibody treatment


Remdesivir becomes first FDA-approved treatment for COVID-19

Remdesivir FDA approval

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Safety concerns temporarily halt Eli Lilly's COVID-19 antibody therapy trial

Eli Lilly COVID-19 trial suspended


NIH study confirms remdesivir shortens COVID-19 recovery time

NIH remdesivir report


Pitt scientists isolate tiny molecule that may prevent COVID-19

University of Pittsburgh Coronavirus

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Treatment for rare esophagus disease deemed breakthrough therapy by FDA

Rare esophageal disease


Penn researchers advance potential cure for type 1 diabetes

Penn Diabetes Islet


Blood plasma authorized as COVID-19 treatment, but some question decision

FDA Blood Plasma COVID-19

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Eli Lilly launching COVID-19 treatment trial in nursing homes

Eli Lilly COVID-19 treatment


Smokers should begin cessation drugs, then decide when to quit

Smoking cessation guidelines

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Decision to delay prostate cancer treatment is still too subjective, researchers say

Prostate cancer treatment calculator


Inexpensive steroid reduces death risk among severe COVID-19 patients

Dexamethasone COVID-19


Cancer drug shows potential for COVID-19 patients in respiratory distress

Cancer drug COVID-19


Pennsylvania hospitals receive remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients

Remdesivir Pennsylvania Hospitals

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Remdesivir could be authorized as emergency COVID-19 treatment, report says

043020 remdesivir fauci.jpg


Remdesivir fails to meet expectations as COVID-19 treatment in first clinical trial

Remdesivir early results

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Two antiviral drugs fail to meet hopes as COVID-19 treatments

Lopinavir not effective against COVID-19


COVID-19 treatments are urgently needed, but clinical trials take time – by design

Clinical Trials Vaccine COVID-19


Nitric oxide – a gas that led to Viagra – could emerge as COVID-19 treatment

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Penn Medicine launches hydroxychloroquine trial to evaluate COVID-19 treatment possibility

Penn Medicine launches trial to evaluate hydroxychloroquine as possible COVID-19 treatment


Penn microbiologist explains why some coronaviruses are more deadly than others

Coronavirus Times Square advertisement


Drug trials for potential coronavirus therapies ramping up

Drug trials are ramping up for potential coronavirus therapies

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An Alzheimer's vaccine could be ready for human trials within 2 years

Alzheimer's vaccine

Children's Health

Treating HIV in the tiniest babies could have huge positive implications for their futures

World AIDs Day 2019


FDA overlooked red flags in drugmaker’s testing of new depression medicine

Spravato Esketamine Nasal Spray 05172019


Botanical 19th century medicines may be the answer for treating drug-resistant bacteria

civil war plant treatment


'London patient' apparently cleared of HIV provides promise for future cure

hiv aids virus cure visuals online


Jefferson researchers discover promising treatment for most common adult eye cancer

eyeball pexels

Alternative Medicine

We tried it: Summit Acupuncture in Old City

Carroll - We Tried It - Summit Acupuncture


The Tropicana's freshly renovated Sea Spa opens Thursday in Atlantic City


Mental Health

Selena Gomez is undergoing 'dialectical behavioral therapy' — here's what that is


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Mother cures toddler's eczema with homemade breast milk-based soap



With $1 million grant, Temple expands clinic for medication-based opioid addiction treatment

Temple University North Philadelphia _ Carroll

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