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Children's Health

Managing diabetes 'more important than ever' for children amid the pandemic

Children's diabetes covid-19

Adult Health

Younger and middle-aged Americans are dying at higher rates, study shows

Life Expectancy

Mental Health

Prediabetes may expedite mental decline – and millions of Americans have it

Prediabetes can affect the brain


Diabetes drug helped obese patients lose 15% of their body weight, study shows

diabetes semaglutide weight study

Healthy Eating

Artificial sweetener saccharin doesn't increase diabetes risk, researchers say

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda

Healthy Eating

A high-fiber diet does a whole lot more than relieve constipation

Fiber health benefits


Virtual diabetes prevention programs available during COVID-19 pandemic

Diabetes prevention programs


'Our Community, Our Health' campaign providing free health screenings to Philly's African American residents

Health Screenings IBC

Adult Health

Well City Challenge seeks innovative ideas to improve millennial health

Well City Challenge


Not pandemic-proof: Insulin copay caps fall short, fueling underground exchanges

Insulin Underground Exchanges

Women's Health

Women often don't receive aggressive care for heart attacks – unlike men

Women Heart Attacks Signs


Penn researchers advance potential cure for type 1 diabetes

Penn Diabetes Islet

Children's Health

Youth with diabetes more likely to stick to CGM if they're involved in the decision, CHOP study finds

Youth CGM devices

Adult Health

Cinnamon supplements may slow advancement of type 2 diabetes

Cinnamon supplement type 2 diabetes

Adult Health

Underlying medical conditions put half of U.S. adults at risk of severe COVID-19

adults covid 19 risk.jpg

Women's Health

More women are choosing to delay having children until their 40s — but the choice isn't without risks

Pregnancy after 40

Adult Health

Colorectal cancer risk factors increasing among millennials

colorectal cancer risk factors

Adult Health

Stress relief a 'forgotten component' of managing type 2 diabetes

Stress and blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes

Adult Health

Metabolic syndrome increasing among millennials at 'alarming' rate

Signs of Metabolic Syndrome

Women's Health

Pre-existing conditions may be causing more high-risk pregnancies

Millennial women experiencing higher pregnancy complication rates

Children's Health

CHOP retains No. 2 spot in U.S. News' best pediatric hospital rankings

CHOP ranked second by U.S. News

Health Insurance

Insulin is just one factor driving up health care costs for diabetics

Cost of diabetes-related supplies


Workplace wellness programs have little impact on overall staff health, study finds

Workplace wellness programs

Women's Health

Earlier diagnosis of gestational diabetes leads to less weight gained during pregnancy, new study finds

gestational diabetes screening

Adult Health

Statins can be the difference between life and death – but they remain underused

Statins Side Effects


What to know about diabetes

Diabetes blood sugar check

Health News

Penn research signals progress toward future anti-obesity drugs

Obesity Penn Research

Adult Health

Philly's soda tax having little effect on consumption habits, Drexel study finds

Philly Soda Tax Consumption Study Drexel

Adult Health

Minority patients benefit from having minority doctors, but that's a hard match to make

Minority doctor-patient relationship

Women's Health

Struggling to eliminate the sweets? Try getting some more sleep

Poor sleep leads to overeating

Health News

Insulin costs far less on Craigslist – but it's a risky purchase for diabetics, health experts say

Health News

Medtronic recalling 322,000 defective insulin pumps

Medtronic Insulin Pump recall diabetes


Use it or lose it: How physical activity strengthens heart health

Heart benefits of aerobic exercise

Women's Health

Recurrent miscarriages could be treated by a type 2 diabetes medication, study says

Recurrent miscarriages treatment


Hate exercise? Small increases in physical activity can make a big difference

Exercise Tips New Year's Resolutions

Children's Health

Fewer U.S. kids are drinking soda and other sweetened drinks

Soda consumption children


How to measure your body mass index – and what it means for your health

Obesity Body Mass Index scores


More Americans are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at younger ages

World Diabetes Day


Getting enough sleep is crucial to people with chronic diseases

Sleep deprivation and chronic diseases

Women's Health

Women with diabetes are less likely to get cancer screenings, study finds

Women with diabetes are less likely to get screened for cancer

Children's Health

More research shows benefits of bariatric surgery for obese teens with type 2 diabetes

Bariatric diabetes


Diabetes drug found to reduce symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

Nicotine Diabetes

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