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It's possible to consume too much caffeine – but it takes a lot of coffee

coffee caffeine

Adult Health

Drinking coffee could lower risk of obesity, study says



Penn student died from drinking Panera's 'Charged Lemonade,' lawsuit says

Panera Caffeine Lawsuit


Everything you need to know about caffeine

Purchased - many cups of coffee


Can coffee or a nap make up for sleep deprivation?

Sleep Deprivation Coffee

Children's Health

Logan Paul's Prime energy drink is facing scrutiny – how much caffeine is safe for kids to consume?

Food & Drink

Catch a buzz on National Coffee Day in Philly with free drinks, caffeinated cocktails

National Coffee Day

Adult Health

Could certain foods be triggering your migraines? The answer is complicated

Migraine food triggers


Author Michael Pollan gave up coffee for 3 months to explore caffeine addiction

Michael Pollan coffee

Healthy Eating

Is your coffee habit bad for your health? Here's what the research shows

Coffee health effects

Adult Health

Rough night sleeping? New research suggests your morning cup of coffee doesn't help as much as you think

Caffeine and sleep deprivation

Adult Health

Caffeine won't turn you into Hemingway – but it can boost your problem-solving skills

Caffeine won't turn you into Hemingway -- but it can boost problem-solving


These habits can increase the risk of birth defects

Habits that increase the risk of birth defects

Adult Health

Coffee consumption boosts health of gut microbiota, analysis finds

Coffee Gut Bacteria

Adult Health

Drinking too much coffee may increase the chance of migraines

Coffee Migraines Headache


Man's death from caffeine supplement serves as reminder of the dangers

Lachlan Foote Caffeine Overdose 07082019

Healthy Eating

Many bottled coffee drinks are absolute sugar bombs — here's the healthiest ones to sip

Dunkin Black Coffee 07082019


Coffee proves to be a fat-burning, obesity-fighting beverage in 'pioneering' study

coffee obesity prevention


Drinking six cups of coffee a day can seriously damage your health, study finds

coffee drinking limits

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Is hot coffee or cold brew healthier? A local study spills the truth


Health Studies

Large study shows drinking coffee could extend your life


Healthy Eating

Are you drinking the right amount of coffee?

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Five things preventing you from getting a good night's sleep

Person lying wide awake in bed


New research suggests coffee could cut the risk of heart disease

OCF Coffeehouse Fairmount


Drinking four cups of coffee each day will help you live longer, study shows


Infrequently Asked Questions: How does caffeine alleviate a migraine?


How to get through the day after a sleepless night

Person sleeping on their desk after no sleep


Here's why too much coffee can be bad for your health

IBXStock_Carroll - Coffee


Personalized 'DNA diets': Science promising, but not yet effective



Splitting headaches: How to help them now and prevent them in the future



Study: Couples' caffeine intake associated with risk of miscarriage