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Senior Health

Cardiac CT exams can double as an osteoporosis test, researchers say

CT scan osteoporosis test

Adult Health

Stress relief a 'forgotten component' of managing type 2 diabetes

Stress and blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes

Children's Health

Pregnant women may pass COVID-19 to their unborn babies, small study says

COVID-19 transmission pregnancy


Chester County company raising funding to test SARS drugs against COVID-19

SARS coronavirus treatment Audacity

Adult Health

Not getting enough REM sleep may shorten your life

REM sleep mortality rate

Health News

Penn study suggests new therapeutic approach for autism spectrum disorders

Sensory neurons and autism

Adult Health

Lifetime discrimination may increase hypertension risk among Black people, study finds

Discrimination increases hypertension risk

Senior Health

Deep brain stimulation study could lead to 'landmark' Parkinson's finding

Deep brain stimulation in early stage Parkinson's

Children's Health

Hundreds of U.S. children with COVID-19 have developed inflammatory syndrome, researchers find

Inflammatory syndrome in children

Women's Health

Preterm birth increases mother's heart disease risk, study finds

Preterm delivery and heart disease risk

Senior Health

Long-term use of muscle relaxants on alarming rise, Penn researchers find

Muscle Relaxants Penn

Adult Health

Metabolic syndrome increasing among millennials at 'alarming' rate

Signs of Metabolic Syndrome


Inhaled form of remdesivir may prevent severe COVID-19 cases, Gilead says

inhalable remdesivir Gilead


It's time to lower opioid prescription doses in heart surgery patients, Penn researchers say

Opioid use after heart surgery


Scientists developing 'nanosponges' to decoy coronavirus from living lung cells

Nanosponges Coronavirus

Women's Health

Pre-existing conditions may be causing more high-risk pregnancies

Millennial women experiencing higher pregnancy complication rates


Inexpensive steroid reduces death risk among severe COVID-19 patients

Dexamethasone COVID-19


Temple researchers to study promising cocaine addiction treatment

Temple Cocaine Study


Cancer immunotherapy research could aid COVID-19 vaccine development

CHOP Vaccine COVID-19


Scientists may have determined why many non-smokers develop COPD

COPD cause respiratory system


Cancer drug shows potential for COVID-19 patients in respiratory distress

Cancer drug COVID-19

Senior Health

Brain bleeds on the rise in older seniors, but blood thinners may be preventing fatal strokes at earlier ages

Brain bleeds in seniors


Surgery patients with COVID-19 more likely to die shortly afterward, study finds

Surgery COVID-19 risk

Senior Health

Your personality may increase your risk for pre-dementia

Personality traits dementia


A simple blood test may be able to measure your fitness level

Blood test for fitness

Health News

Electronic health records miss 33% of medical errors, study finds

Electronic health records

Health Insurance

Insulin is just one factor driving up health care costs for diabetics

Cost of diabetes-related supplies


Inflammatory bowel, celiac diseases more connected than previously thought

Link between IBD and celiac disease


Turning into the food police will only make your child's picky eating worse

Picky eating in children

Adult Health

Blood pressure spikes during moderate exercise a sign of future health issues

Exercise-induced high blood pressure


Heart issue the strongest predictor of COVID-19 deaths

Right ventricle enlargement and COVID-19


New injectable HIV drug may offer stronger protection than PrEP pills

New Injectable HIV Drug


Cats can infect other cats with COVID-19 – but do they pose a risk to humans?

Cats humans COVID-19

Mental Health

Addressing sex bias in some diseases may improve treatment, doctors hope

Sex bias in disease


What needs to go right to get a coronavirus vaccine in 12-18 months

COVID-19 Vaccine Development


Millennial doctors in training aren't more likely to burn out, despite perception

Generational differences in doctors

Children's Health

Millions of American children may have a little known visual-spatial learning disorder, medical experts say

non-verbal learning disorders

Adult Health

Two antiviral drugs fail to meet hopes as COVID-19 treatments

Lopinavir not effective against COVID-19

Adult Health

Obesity a strong predictor of severe COVID-19 cases among younger adults

Coronavirus complications and obesity

Adult Health

A 'motivational' talk with your doctor may reduce your risk of heart disease

Motivational Interviewing by doctors


COVID-19 treatments are urgently needed, but clinical trials take time – by design

Clinical Trials Vaccine COVID-19

Adult Health

Penn Medicine is looking for COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma

Penn plasma trial

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