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Children's Health

Living near green spaces boosts mental health of city children, study finds

Mental Health Green Spaces

Adult Health

Even moderate alcohol use can significantly increase cancer risk, latest study suggests

Alcohol consumption and cancer risk


Chronic male unemployment helps explain Philly's gun violence problem

Gun Violence Unemployment


Anemia may increase the risk of long COVID, research shows

Anemia COVID-19

Mental Health

People living with HIV have a higher suicide risk, even with advancements in treatment

Suicide risk and HIV


The mRNA technology used in COVID-19 shots may yield a more effective flu vaccine

mRNA vaccine flu

Children's Health

Is modern hygiene bad for childhood immunity? New research says no

Hygiene Hypothesis

Adult Health

Reducing stress may reverse graying hair — at least temporarily

Prevent gray hair

Adult Health

Wisdom teeth extraction may enhance your taste buds over time, Penn study finds

Wisdom Teeth Taste

Children's Health

Many parents worry their children aren't hitting developmental milestones — but some don't seek doctors' advice

Childhood Developmental Milestones

Men's Health

The coronavirus can infect the testes, study suggests

COVID-19 Testicle Pain


Black people die of COVID-19 at higher rates because they lack access to quality hospitals, Penn study finds

COVID-19 Death Rate

Women's Health

Black women do not face greater genetic risk of breast cancer, Penn study finds

Racial disparities breast cancer

Adult Health

Learning a new skill? Taking short breaks could help, research shows

Learning a new skill

Healthy Eating

Is your coffee habit bad for your health? Here's what the research shows

Coffee health effects


Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the coronavirus?

COVID-19 Vaccines Transmission

Health News

Thomas Jefferson University projects to be conducted as part of first private mission to International Space Station

Jefferson Space Mission

Adult Health

People with autism can read most facial expressions, but not anger

Autism emotion recognition

Adult Health

Penn Medicine develops an 'electronic nose' to sniff out cancer

Penn Medicine 'electronic nose'


Starting your day an hour earlier could reduce risk for depression, according to a new study

Sleep timing and depression risk

Healthy Eating

Thinking of trying intermittent fasting? Make sure it's the right diet for you

Intermittent fasting benefits

Men's Health

'Male menopause?' How reduced testosterone affects men as they age

Low testosterone men


Working more than 55 hours a week is killing hundreds of thousands of people each year, WHO says

Worker Burn Out

Adult Health

Treating resistant hypertension can be a challenge — renal denervation may be an alternative to more drugs

hypertension medicine

Children's Health

Family history, race and gender all factor into a child's asthma risk, study finds

Asthma triggers

Health News

Rutgers researchers are developing a COVID-19 breathalyzer test

COVID-19 breathalyzer


Managing kids' cholesterol and blood pressure protects future brain health, new research shows

Children Brain Health

Men's Health

Laughter: A healthy behavior that's actually fun

Laughter Health Benefits

Women's Health

Freezing tumors has become a popular treatment for slow-growing cancers

Cryoablation breast cancer

Healthy Eating

Taking fish oil supplements to improve heart health remains controversial

Fish oil controversy

Women's Health

Preeclampsia may triple a woman's lifetime stroke risk, study finds

Preeclampsia and stroke risk

Mental Health

Feeling foggy-headed and tired all the time? You may have sluggish cognitive tempo



Human challenge trials may advance knowledge of COVID-19, but they remain controversial

COVID Human Challenge Trials

Adult Health

Chronic pain affects one-fifth of American adults — and it's hampering productivity

Chronic pain treatment


Adults who sleep less than six hours a night are at higher risk for dementia

Sleep Alzheimer's

Adult Health

Barriers to specialty care may be causing disparities in use of diabetes drug, Penn study finds

Diabetes drugs


At what age are people usually happiest? New research offers surprising clues

Happiest Age

Mental Health

Exhausted by too many Zoom meetings? Here's how to relieve the fatigue

Zoom fatigue


The U.K. variant is spreading rapidly, sparking debates about the U.S. vaccination rollout

COVID-19 testing in US

Women's Health

Obesity may increase a breast cancer survivor's risk for other cancers, study says

Weight loss

Health News

Some blood pressure medications linked to greater skin cancer risk, study finds

Sun safety to prevent skin cancer

Children's Health

Most children who develop MIS-C show no initial COVID-19 symptoms

MIS-C without COVID symptoms

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