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Spotted lanternfly

Penn State spotted lanternfly study reveals insights on effective use of insecticides

spotted lanterfly penn state

Adult Health

Nearly one in three millennials now suffer from mental health conditions, according to study

millennials mental health COVID-19


NIH study confirms remdesivir shortens COVID-19 recovery time

NIH remdesivir report


Wasp venom may help solve the problem of drug-resistant infections

Wasp Venom Penn


College students are drinking less alcohol, but smoking more weed

Young adults drinking less

Adult Health

Is early physical therapy better for lower back pain? The answer is complicated

Physical Therapy Back Pain

Adult Health

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people may be more prone to migraines

LGB migraine risk


Alcohol consumption surging amid pandemic – particularly among women

Alcohol consumption COVID-19 pandemic

Women's Health

Women often don't receive aggressive care for heart attacks – unlike men

Women Heart Attacks Signs

Healthy Eating

Intermittent fasting, a popular weight loss method, may have a big downside

Intermittent fasting muscle loss

Children's Health

Teenagers at higher risk for COVID-19 than young children, CDC finds

Children COVID-19 risk


KN95 masks shouldn't be used when treating COVID-19 patients, safety group warns

KN95 masks

Spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly expert talks predators, 'dumb ones' and how to win this war

Spotted Lanternfly Predators


Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine the latest to enter late-stage trials

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine


TV ads may be contributing to treatment disparities for psoriasis, eczema

Psoriasis Eczema TV Ads

Children's Health

MIS-C may be leaving children with heart damage, CHOP researchers find

MIS-C Myocarditis Children


Teens want COVID-19 advice that gives them safe ways to socialize – not just rules for what they can’t do

COVID-19 Guidelines Teenagers

Mental Health

Self-care, social support key to good mental health as pandemic drags along

COVID-19 mental health


COVID-19 pandemic causing surge in chronic kidney disease

Kidney health and COVID


People with substance use disorder need action plans to mitigate COVID-19 risk, addiction experts say

COVID-19 Addiction


Millennial caretakers at greater risk of stress-related conditions, study finds

BCBS caregiving report


Penn researchers advance potential cure for type 1 diabetes

Penn Diabetes Islet

Women's Health

Flu shots given to pregnant women do not increase risk of autism, study finds

Flu vaccination and autism risk


Sleep experts: Abolishing daylight saving time will benefit public health

daylight saving time


Steroids reduce death rate of critically ill COVID-19 patients, WHO analysis says

Steroid use for COVID-19


COVID-19 antibodies last longer than previous research showed

COVID-19 antibodies

Health News

Cell phone location data could guide responses to future COVID-19 outbreaks

Work from home during COVID

Mental Health

A phone app may effectively treat bulimia and binge eating disorders

Eating Disorder Phone App


Excessive, high-dose opioids commonly prescribed after knee surgery, Penn study finds

Penn Knees Opioids

Adult Health

Long naps may be bad for your heart, study finds

Napping heart disease

Adult Health

Warning signs may appear in the weeks before sudden cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest warning signs

Adult Health

Yoga may help lessen symptoms of atrial fibrillation, like lowering high blood pressure, study says

Yoga atrial fibrillation


Cloth masks do protect the wearer – breathing in less coronavirus means you get less sick

Cloth Masks Protection

Mental Health

CHOP researchers see sense of altruism in people's COVID-19 worries

COVID-19 worries.jpg


Opioid use, especially in large doses, can cause deafness, Rutgers study finds

Opioid use deafness

Health News

Your smartphone soon may be able to tell if you're drunk

smartphone drunk accelerometer

Women's Health

To address gender disparities in heart failure studies, add more female researchers

Women Heart Failure Research

Mental Health

Many Generation Zers, millennials having suicidal thoughts amid pandemic

Suicidal thoughts COVID-19 pandemic


U.S. scientists making coronavirus strain for potential human challenge trials

NIAID coronavirus strain

Adult Health

Dual surgery boosts heart transplant chances for patients with obesity

Obesity heart transplant eligibility


Why are female runners at greater risk for stress fractures? The answer may be multifold

Stress fractures female runners


Vaping increases COVID-19 risk among teens, young adults, Stanford study finds

Vaping COVID-19

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