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SCI Chester Prison to test Swedish-style inmate units

Chester County prison Sweden

Children's Health

Teen drivers with ADHD far more likely to crash than peers

Car Crash Teens ADHD

Health News

IBS sufferers should seek a combination of therapies for best results, study says

stomach ache colorectal cancer unsplash

Adult Health

Joint pain supplement may actually benefit your heart

Heart Scan Health 05152019


Drinking six cups of coffee a day can seriously damage your health, study finds

coffee drinking limits

Children's Health

How much speech do unborn children hear? It varies

Pregnant Baby Speech Development

Adult Health

Americans are OK with adults using Adderall at work – but not athletes or students

Does Adderall help with tests?


Appendix removal is associated with higher rate of Parkinson’s disease, new study says

Doctor Stock

Health News

This is how Coca-Cola is trying to control health research

coca cola research funding

Women's Health

Black women, other minorities, are more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes

Black women pregnancy deaths

Health News

New 'jumping' superbug, resistant to key antibiotic, could be trouble for hospitals

MCR-9 Cornell


More than two in five college students were food insecure in 2018, Temple research finds

fork, knife and plates for dinner

Senior Health

Newly-recognized brain disorder mimics Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's Disease LATE Dementia

Children's Health

Autism can be reliably detected months earlier than current screening guidelines

Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Study

Health News

Microscopic robots could one day clean your teeth

Robotics Clean Dental Plaque Teeth


PETA supporters ask people to 'stand up for dogs' at Penn protest

PETA Protest

Children's Health

Do e-cigarettes contain nicotine? Teens don't always know


Senior Health

Brain stimulation may reverse seniors' memory loss, study finds

Memory Loss Older People Brain Stimulation

Alternative Medicine

Medical marijuana and CBD are taking off: can it help you?

Carroll - Medical marijuana and CBD products.

Children's Health

The anti-vaccination movement is about more than autism

Vaccine Anti-Vaxxers Study


Here's why cancer commonly spreads to the liver



Pennsylvania will have 150 researchers trying to eradicate the spotted lanternfly in 2019

spotted Lanternfly French Creek


One dose of skin cancer treatment can send melanoma patients into remission, Penn Medicine study finds



Days before heading to ER, patients Google symptoms, illnesses


Adult Health

Temple scientist developing blood test to better diagnose traumatic brain injuries


Health Stories

Penn doctor makes research strides into his own rare disease

Carroll - Dr. David Fajgenbaum


Two years after hazing death, Penn State launches multimillion-dollar, Greek life research center

Timothy Piazza

Mental Health

Parents are generally unaware their children have suicidal thoughts


Health News

Researchers looking for a better way to measure pain

pain pexels

Health Insurance

High prices make U.S. the biggest health care spender among developed countries


Adult Health

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. adults believe they have a food allergy – but only 10 percent do



Jefferson researchers discover promising treatment for most common adult eye cancer

eyeball pexels

Healthy Eating

Drinking soda, sweetened drinks linked to chronic kidney disease, study finds


Men's Health

Marijuana use may impact genetic makeup of sperm


Mental Health

Gift giving sustains happiness over time, research finds


Children's Health

Car crashes are killing fewer American children, but gun-related deaths show no sign of falling

Stock_Carroll - Handgun with Bullets


Compassionomics 101: How kindness can make a big difference in health care

Carroll - Dr. Stephen Trzeciak Cooper

Health News

Penn Medicine determines why people lack hair on their palms and soles


Health News

Q&A: CEO of Ambler's Beyond Celiac discusses latest on potential vaccine


Health News

Penn study finds that black patients are much more likely to die of sudden cardiac death

Stock_Carroll - Penn Medicine

Health News

There are many types of obesity – which one matters to your health


Men's Health

Newly-found gene variation may boost risk of erectile dysfunction


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