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Spotted lanternfly

Penn State receives $7.3 million grant for spotted lanternfly research

spotted Lanternfly Cluster

Health News

Penn alum wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

2019 Nobel Prize medicine Gregg L. Semenza

Healthy Eating

Controversial 'red meat is healthy' study author didn't disclose past food industry ties

Red meat trade group study

Senior Health

Penn receives $18M to study connections between Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia

Penn research Alzheimers Parkinsons

Healthy Eating

Tea bags could be releasing billions of micro plastics into your cup of tea, study says

Tea bags micro plastics


Too much exercise could lead to making bad decisions, new study suggests

over-exercising cognition study

Women's Health

Birth control delivery apps are generally safe and efficient, study finds

Birth Control Pills Delivery Services

Senior Health

Reducing 'zombie' cells may slow the aging process


Women's Health

Hot flashes tied to heart attacks, strokes and cognitive decline, studies find

Hot flashes menopause


Jefferson Health, MANNA team up to deliver meals to diabetics

MANNA diabetics meals

Women's Health

Onion, garlic consumption could help reduce breast cancer risk, study suggests

Onions garlic health


60,000 people move out of Philadelphia every year — here's why

Philadelphia moving out

Senior Health

New pill could treat both blood pressure, cholesterol issues

blood pressure cholesterol pill


Eye surgeons prescribed more opioids as procedures became less invasive, study finds

Eye Surgery Opioid Prescriptions


A compound may improve pancreatic cancer survival rate, scientists find

Compound pancreatic cancer treatment

Health News

Human bodies can shift on their own well after death, researchers find

Skeleton Study


USDA scientists import wasps from China to battle the spotted lanternfly invasion

Spotted lanternflies wasps china


One in 16 women say their first sexual experience was being raped, according to study

Women report rape first sexual experience

Children's Health

Off-label prescriptions for children on the rise, study finds

Carroll - Pills Medication Prescription Drugs Stock


Americans lack awareness about HPV, study finds

HPV Illustration 09162019


Scientists may have found a way to prevent the common cold

Common cold cure


Potential carcinogen in menthol e-cigarettes exceeds safety levels, study finds

Vaping pulegone carcinogen cancer

Health News

Microplastics could be getting into our bodies, study says

Microplastics found in the body

Health News

Penn researcher behind Alzheimer's discoveries wins $3 million prize

Virginia M.Y. Lee

Healthy Eating

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stroke

Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher likelihood of stoke


Vaping may make your lungs more vulnerable to infections, study finds

Vaping may make your lungs more vulnerable to infections, study finds

Health News

Emojis let hospitals gauge patient, provider satisfaction

Emoji Hospital Patient Satisfaction

Adult Health

A daily glass of red wine is good for your gut's health, according to wide-ranging study

Red wine gut bacteria study


Offering more testing options doesn't increase colorectal cancer screenings

Colorectal Cancer 04262019

Senior Health

Eye tracking tests could be a predictive tool for Alzheimer's disease


Healthy Eating

Fast food may be a factor in rising teen depression, study finds

McDonald's Sodium

Health News

Penn Medicine, Arkansas hospital partnering to expedite heart surgery research

Stock_Carroll - Penn Medicine

Health News

Married people are less likely to develop dementia than divorcees, study says

Dementia risk married divorced study

Men's Health

Erectile dysfunction in former NFL players linked to concussions

Concussions ED NFL players

Health News

Potential blood test can diagnose head trauma better than a CT scan, study shows

Blood test concussions


Dog owners may have healthier hearts than others, study suggests

dogs heart health

Health News

E-cigarettes cause damage to blood vessels even when used without nicotine, Penn study finds

Vaping blood vessels

Health News

Spending time in city parks puts you in a good mood, study says

Urban parks elevate mood

Health News

Reading and listening to books stimulates the same areas of the brain

Brain Maps Berkeley Reading Books Listening Audiobooks study

Health News

Scientists discover new organ that senses sharpness and pressure

Scientists discover organ that senses mechanical pain

Health News

Sleep apnea can increase cancer risk in women, study finds

Sleep apnea elevated cancer risk

Adult Health

Drinking too much coffee may increase the chance of migraines

Coffee Migraines Headache

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