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Senior Health

Erectile dysfunction drugs linked to reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease

Viagra Alzheimer's Disease

Healthy Eating

Eating the Atlantic diet may reduce belly fat, lower cholesterol

Atlantic diet salmon

Health News

Experimental prosthetic helps man who lost his arm regain some sense of feeling

Prosthetic Hand Temperature

Mental Health

Eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt may help your mental health

Fermented foods mental health

Mental Health

Mild concussions put kids at greater risk for developing depression, anxiety and ADHD, study finds

Concussions Depression ADHD


How long a dog will live may be predicted by the size of its nose, study finds

dog breed nose size lifespan


Strong parental support lowers the depression risk of young adults, study finds

Parents Young Adults

Adult Health

Sitting at work all day is bad for your health – but sprinkling in physical activity can help

Sitting Heart Disease

Adult Health

Even mild concussions caused by sports can lead to persistent health problems, researchers say

Traumatic brain injuries

Mental Health

How many siblings teens have may affect their mental health, study finds

siblings mental health


Screen time for babies, toddlers may harm their abilities to process the world around them, Drexel researchers say

Baby Screen Time

Health News

What makes pee yellow? Researchers identify enzyme that gives urine its color

Urine Yellow Color Research

Health News

Why some people don't trust science – and how to change their minds

Science Public Trust


Video games like 'Super Mario Odyssey' have the potential to help people with depression, study suggests

Depression Video Games


CRISPR and other new technologies open doors for drug development, but which diseases get prioritized?

Drug Development


Drinking during holidays and special occasions could affect how you parent your kids

Parenting Holidays Drinking

Women's Health

Most pregnant women develop morning sickness – and scientists now know why

Morning sickness hormone


Chronic fatigue syndrome affects more people than once believed, CDC finds

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Adult Health

Married couples tend to share high blood pressure, study finds

Blood pressure married couples

Healthy Eating

To show the benefits of eating vegan, scientists gave twins different diets

Vegan twin study

Senior Health

Consuming wasabi leads to 'significant' improvements in memory, study finds

Wasabi memory benefits

Mental Health

The mental health of people born in the '90s is not improving with age – unlike other generations, study finds

Mental Health 1990s


Weight-loss drug Wegovy could help treat alcohol addiction, researchers say

Wegovy Alcohol Addiction

Adult Health

Certain personality traits – like being an extrovert – may lower risk for dementia

Dementia Personality Link

Alternative Medicine

Psychedelics may help people with ADHD, but research remains limited


Insulin injections could one day be replaced as a diabetes treatment with rock music, study suggests

Diabetes Rock Music 2

Children's Health

Young Black males with ADHD are underdiagnosed and undertreated, Penn State study finds

ADHD Racial Disparities


Congenital syphilis cases have spiked nationwide – and Philly is no exception

New born syphilis rates

Senior Health

Eating strawberries may lower the risk of dementia, study finds

Strawberries Cognitive Decline

Healthy Eating

Eating ultra-processed foods can have adverse health effects, but there are ways to cut back

Ultra-processed Foods

Health News

Confidence in vaccines falls as beliefs in health misinformation rise, Penn survey finds

Vaccine Misinformation

Mental Health

Few 988 callers with serious distress very likely to use the mental health crisis line again, according to new study

988 Suicide Lifeline

Adult Health

Penn scientists predict cardiovascular deaths from extreme heat will spike as the planet warms

Women's Health

Gaining too much weight while pregnant raises longterm risks of death from heart disease, diabetes

Pregnancy Weight Gain


Pressing snooze on the alarm clock actually may help people wake up

Alarm Snooze Sleep Study

Mental Health

People with depression are increasingly taking LSD, and research suggests it may help when used under supervision


Mental Health

Less than half of children with mental health disorders receive treatment, study finds


Black Philadelphians experience longer commutes than white residents, study finds

Commuter discrepancies

Healthy Eating

Spicy food might burn in the moment, but it likely won't harm your health in the long term

Spicy Food Pepper


Tracking daily step counts can be a useful tool for weight management

Daily Steps Weight Loss


Free Library of Philadelphia to adjust hours, open Saturdays at all branches

Free Library Philadelphia

Women's Health

Women with sleeping difficulties may be at greater risk of high blood pressure, study finds

Insomnia Women Hypertension

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