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Since the Industrial Revolution, "normal" body temperature has changed

Average Body Temp Decreases


New Jersey adults among the least physically active in the U.S., CDC finds

New Jersey Physical Activity CDC


Philly's STD rate ranks among the highest in the U.S., analysis reveals

Philly STD Rate

Adult Health

People age in at least 4 different styles, Stanford study finds

Scientists identify four different types of aging

Adult Health

There may be a sweet spot for having knee replacement surgery, scientists say

Knee replacement study suggests timing is critical


You can get a workout by watching a movie – if you're at the theater

Watching a movie in the theater may be good for you

Health Stories

Born without a uterus, Philly-area woman births milestone baby thanks to transplant at Penn Medicine

Uterus Transplant Baby Penn Medicine Gobrecht family 1

Health News

Alcohol blamed for deaths of an increasing number of Americans

alcohol death health

Senior Health

New blood test can improve triage for elderly concussion patients

New blood test to rule out brain tissue damage

Children's Health

Children who watch healthy cooking shows are more likely to eat nutritious foods, study says

Cooking shows healthy food children

Men's Health

Men with testicular cancer may only need one round of chemo, study says

less chemotherapy testicular cancer


Administering century-old tuberculosis vaccine in a new way may make it more effective

TB vaccine IV


Adding good deeds to your New Year's resolutions may reduce physical pain

Good deeds can reduce physical pain

Mental Health

Growing up with dogs may lower the risk of schizophrenia as an adult, study finds

Link between having a pet dog in childhood and developing schizophrenia


Nearly as many teens are vaping marijuana as nicotine, NIH reports

Vaping Marijuana

Health Stories

His life in 'overtime,' Penn doctor races to find better treatments for rare Castleman disease

David Fajgenbaum Castleman Disease book 2

Senior Health

Sleeping – and napping – too long may increase risk of stroke

Sleep Stroke Risk


As measles cases rise worldwide, rate of unvaccinated U.S. children traveling overseas sparks concern

Measles Vaccine International Travel


Even drinking just a little alcohol increases cancer risk, study finds

Drinking alcohol cancer risk

Health News

Jefferson to build Center City research center with $70 million gift

Jefferson Kimmel Research Center


As e-cigarette popularity surges, 6.2 million American youth are using tobacco products

Teen Smoking 2019


Most young kids – including infants – are getting way too much screen time

Screen Time Babies

Children's Health

More than 80% of adolescents worldwide don't exercise enough, study finds

Youth exercise study running


Gov. Wolf funds two studies on fracking health impacts, possible cancer link in Pennsylvania

Fracking PA Studies

Children's Health

Mom's measles immunity may not protect baby beyond first 3 months

Measles vaccine babies

Adult Health

How to know whether a clinical trial is right for you

What to know before enrolling in a clinical trial

Mental Health

Potential game-changing migraine medication passes large-scale clinical trial

Migraine drug research

Children's Health

Babies' frequent hiccups may be tied to brain development, scientists say

Why do babies hiccup so much?


Getting enough sleep is crucial to people with chronic diseases

Sleep deprivation and chronic diseases

Alternative Medicine

Cannabis use could help mitigate depression, suicidal thoughts among those with PTSD, study shows

Cannabis PTSD suicide depression


Eating yogurt and fiber may reduce the risk of lung cancer, study finds

probiotic yogurt

Adult Health

Despite benefits, many cardiac valve surgery patients don't receive cardiac rehabilitation

Heart Anatomy


Researchers publish first-ever spotted lanternfly genome, built from a Berks County insect

Spotted lanternfly dna genome

Healthy Eating

Healthier diets are usually also better for the environment, study shows

Food fruit vegetables environment study

Children's Health

Secondhand smoke exposure may harm children's developing eyesight

Children's Health

Majority of U.S. baby foods test positive for potentially harmful neurotoxins, study says

baby food toxins

Mental Health

Gambling near-misses don't encourage your brain to keep betting after all, study suggests

Gambling brain study

Healthy Eating

Three weeks of a healthier diet could help reduce depression in young adults, study suggests

Healthy eating depression study

Spotted lanternfly

Penn State receives $7.3 million grant for spotted lanternfly research

spotted Lanternfly Cluster

Health News

Penn alum wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

2019 Nobel Prize medicine Gregg L. Semenza

Healthy Eating

Controversial 'red meat is healthy' study author didn't disclose past food industry ties

Red meat trade group study

Senior Health

Penn receives $18M to study connections between Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia

Penn research Alzheimers Parkinsons