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May 25, 2016

Drexel University pilots intensive therapy clinic for moms with postpartum depression

Clinic provides one year's worth of therapy in eight weeks

Postpartum depression affects more than 3 million women in America every year, and yet many feel that they are completely alone.

That's why Drexel University announced that it is testing out a new program that offers a variety of intensive therapies to women with postpartum depression.

The focus of the program, called Mother-Baby Connections, is on relationships: between the mother and her baby, between the mother and her partner — and between the mother and other mothers.

Moms are encouraged to bring their kids along to therapy. They attend creative arts therapy in a group twice a week, plus individual and couples therapy.

Overall, the intensive program provides a year's worth of therapy in eight weeks. It's the only intensive outpatient program of its kind in the mid-Atlantic region.

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