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June 30, 2015

Drexel, Villanova among top 10 most underrated law schools

A new list ranking the nation's top law schools by University of North Carolina law professor Alfred Brophy suggests that Drexel and Villanova deserve more credit for their programs.

Brophy published his rankings Sunday. The law schools were ranked based on three criteria; median LSAT scores, the percentage of employed graduates, and the number of times a school's work is cited in law reviews.

Brophy told Bloomberg that his rankings are meant to help potential students make informed decisions about their school of choice:

“What this ranking does is reveal how careful students need to be, especially in looking at employment outcomes. The job market is so incredibly competitive coming out of law school, you want to make sure you are going to the best school and getting the best value for your money.” 

In addition to ranking the nation's top overall schools, Brophy ranked the most underrated schools as well. To do this, he found the schools that had the biggest jump in his rankings compared to the annual U.S. News rankings.

Second on that list was Drexel University's Thomas R, Kline School of Law, which was 40 spots higher on Brophy's rankings (87th) than it was on U.S. News' rankings (127th). Tenth on the list was the Villanova University School of Law, which was 26 spots higher (61st) than on U.S. News's rankings (87th). 

For more on the most underrated law schools, click here for Bloomberg's article. For Brophy's full rankings and more on his methodology, click here.