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May 07, 2015

Dying woman's last wish is to be with puppies

Oregon woman wants a special hour with puppies

A dying woman from Oregon has one simple request before she passes on: give me an hour with a bunch of puppies. 

Leslee Kirkendale, diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, has been a dog lover for her entire life. When her cancer recently spread to Stage IV, she took to Craigslist to round up some pups, People reports. 

"This may sound silly, but I have adored and rescued dogs my whole life … I have stage 4 cancer and one of my last wishes is to simply ... sit on the floor with a bunch of puppies and play with them for a hour and leave ... that's all ... if you have a litter of pups around 8 weeks I can just play with no strings attached or be a bother let me know something in the Milwaukee area ... I am 56 ... and have ovarian cancer ... thank you Leslee" 

People may say Philadelphians aren't friendly, but so far Leslee, who is in hospice care, has only received two replies. What's up with that, Milwaukee area? 

To help Leslee out, the Oregonian published a second appeal on her behalf. 

In a just world, she'll get that hour of clumsy, teetering, overflowing love.