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July 22, 2017

Fidget spinners or reminder emails? Dating app finds what people hate the most in Pennsylvania

"Hater" shows what singles despise across the country in new map

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Hater, an app that launched in February, works to pair people based on mutual dislikes.

Which is worse – asking for directions or tapas?

"Hater" works to help you find love based on your answer. It's a new app that launched in February that allows users to weigh in on 3,000 topics, including slow walking and mediocre tipping, and matches them with other through their commonalities. 

Though just a few months old, Hater had enough data to publish a map earlier this week that shows what exactly it is that single people hate the most in each state, Mashable reported.

The responses ranged from amusing and laughable to ironic and head-scratching.

Californians despise fidget spinners while Maine isn't having it with "boys night." Despite being surrounded by sand, people from Arizona would rather do without it while New Yorkers planning on taking a date to Times Square should really think twice.

As for Pennsylvanians? The answer is a bit tamer. Singles in the Keystone state, for whatever reason, are wildly unimpressed with people who use money clips. New Jerseyans, on the other hand, hate jellyfish (huh?) while Delaware apparently can't stand Casey Affleck, the actor who recently starred in the Academy Award-winning "Manchester by the Sea."

The responses are a bit different from when Hater found what Philadelphians hate most back in March. 

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