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June 01, 2018

Florida woman shaves legs in public pool, grosses out world

This viral video got us thinking – what's the strangest thing that's happened (or been found) in Philly public pools?

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061517_philaswimpools Source/Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation

Swimming pool in Philadelphia.

We've all accidentally swam into a warm spot of water in a pool and known instantly – pee. But if that's the most unpleasant thing you've encountered while swimming with strangers, this story may be a wee bit worse. 

It’s hot. You’re craving the water. You shed your cover-up and walk to the water’s edge, but the last thing you expect to see when you go to take a dip is a woman in her one-piece...shaving!

On Friday, the Orlando Sentinel reported a Florida woman was videotaped shaving her legs in a public pool, leaving scores of fellow swimmers supremely grossed out.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but video of the hair-raising incident has quickly circulated on the Internet, posted first on Reddit. A woman who filmed the shaving can be heard saying, “I hope she doesn’t shave her hoo-ha next!”

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Several children are seen swimming in very close proximity to the act, seemingly unaware they’re probably doing backstrokes through this woman’s stubble. There appears to be no information on where the incident took place, but judging from the surroundings in the video, it was likely at a hotel, resort, apartment complex or public pool.

This prompted PhillyVoice to ask: What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened – or been found – in Philadelphia public pools? We placed a call to the city's health department and a media spokesman did not immediately know the answer (after he uttered a hearty chuckle, admitting he had never been asked that before.)

The Philadelphia Department of Health does a one-time opening inspection of the city’s 74 public pools, all of which usually open sometime in June. (The city has yet to announce a 2018 official summer opening.) From there, the Department of Parks and Recreation takes over for routine maintenance. Asked if parks and rec would disclose anything unsavory found in our fair city’s shared watering holes, a city spokesman said, highly unlikely.

So, swimmers, you’ll only have to wait a few more weeks in this humid, soup-like weather before you can take the plunge.