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July 02, 2024

Flyers 2024-25 regular season schedule drops

The Flyers will open their season in Vancouver on Oct. 11. Cutter Gauthier and the Ducks come to town on January 11.

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Travis-Konecny-Ian-Cole-Flyers-Canucks-12.23.23-NHL.jpg Bob Frid/USA TODAY Sports

Travis Konecny and the Flyers will open their season on October 11 in Vancouver.

The Flyers will get the Canucks for their home opener on October 19, and it turns out they'll be opening their 2024-25 season out in Vancouver, too.

The 2024-25 NHL schedule dropped on Tuesday, and the Flyers will begin their next regular season with a Western Canadian road trip beginning on Friday, October 11 at Vancouver, followed by Calgary on the 12th, Edmonton on the 15th, and then a move down to Seattle on the 17th before they finally come home to the Wells Fargo Center to play the Canucks again. 

Obviously, that initial run of games is expected to be Matvei Michkov's first as a Flyer, leading into a much-anticipated debut in front of the South Philly crowd. 

Here's the full schedule (which can also be viewed here):

Alright, so let's get right to it: Saturday, January 11 will be when Cutter Gauthier and the Ducks come to town. Fans likely still have what happened fresh in their memory and won't be too happy. 

A couple of other notes:

• First time facing Utah will be December 8, and the first trip to Utah is February 4
• The annual Disney on Ice Holiday trip begins December 23 at Pittsburgh because, as always, Disney on Ice is non-negotiable.

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