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October 29, 2015

Former Eagle Evan Mathis kills it as Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween

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052615EvanMathis Matt Rourke/AP

Former Eagles lineman Evan Mathis.


That's not just the legendary wrestler's signature catchphrase, it's also the reaction I had to seeing former Eagles lineman Evan Mathis, now with the Broncos, dressed as the late Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween.

The outfit speaks for itself. But it's more than that -- Mathis kind of looks like Macho Man, especially with the beard. The only thing missing is a fistful of Slim Jim's and a scared Mean Gene Okerlund. Savage may have passed away in 2011 (RIP), but if they ever want to make a movie about his life, the casting director's first call should be to Mathis, assuming he can act. 

Although I'm not sure how tough it would be to capture the nuances of this character:

WCW Halloween HaVoc 1995 - Randy Savage Interview by TheWrestlingVault


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