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December 10, 2015

Four holiday desserts served at Philly restaurants

'Tis the season to treat yourself

The holidays are a time to cherish family, traditions and food, the latter of which may arguably be the most highly anticipated part of the season.

Holiday treats, passed down through generations with recipes from around the world, often carry memories that last well beyond the cravings. 

But sometimes these beloved treats disappear from our holiday spread, whether it's with the passing of a loved one or because of the time and energy they take when we're overwhelmed with shopping, wrapping and ugly Christmas sweater partying.

But behold, below are four traditional holiday desserts created by professional chefs that you can find at local restaurants. No cooking required.

Panettone at High Street on Market

Panettone, breads and pies are ready to be ordered and picked up at High Street on Market for your holiday feast. (Marilyna/

Panettone is an Italian sweet bread that's often given to friends and family as a gift around the holidays. As Italians Piergiorgio and Amy Nicoletti wrote at DeLallo, "Natale without panettone would be considered a sad Christmas indeed."

High Street on Market, located in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood, makes homemade panettone and pies that Nonna would be proud of. They can be ordered and picked up to be brought to your table or given as gifts. 

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Lemon Ginger Cake at Farmicia Food & Tonics

Farmicia serves a dairy-free vegan lemon ginger cake year-round. (Ellob1/

Gingerbread has become synonymous with Christmas, and according to, it's probably the first cake or cookie traditionally associated with the holiday.

Everyone loves gingerbread as a cake, cookie or even a candy-laden homemade house. Old City's Farmicia helps keep the flavors and tradition alive with its lemon ginger cake, served year-round and in high demand during the holidays.

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Christmas Puddings at The Victoria Freehouse 

Christmas pudding is traditionally served in Britain or countries where it has been brought by British emigrants. (Studio-Annika/

Christmas pudding, sometimes called plum pudding, has roots in medieval England. Today, it has made its way around the world, including to Philadelphia, where it is made and served at The Victoria Freehouse in Old City.

The Victoria Freehouse serves a variety of Christmas puddings, including sticky toffee pudding and gingerbread trifle. 

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Cuban Milk Dessert Martini at Cuba Libre Restaurant

Dessert comes in all forms, including served in a glass. (Styxclick/

Old City's Cuba Libre is known for bringing a bit of spice and creative flair to its culinary concoctions

The Cuban Milk dessert martini is a boozy, seasonal delight that infuses white Crème de Cocoa, nutmeg and gin in a sprinkle-rimmed glass.

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