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December 11, 2018

Naming babies for fruits and vegetables will be a thing in 2019

'Meet our new twins: Kiwi and Kale'

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Bestowing the knowledge and practices of a healthy life on your children is one of the many duties of a parent. Some parents have taken their love of healthy eating by naming their children after healthy foods.

Now Women's Health has released a list of the baby names that are expected to be most popular for babies born in 2019. The list featured (unsurprisingly) any and all Kardashian/Jenner-related names such as Dream, True and Chicago, alongside royal family names like Diana and Harry. Interestingly, the report notes that short names are trending. In fact, Quartz reports that the average length of baby names in the United States has been falling since the '90s  

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This leads us to the section of baby names of interest: Apparently, "bohemian" names are projected to be on the rise in 2019. Health-food names, like Kale, have seen a 35 percent increase in popularity, while Kiwi has jumped 40 percent, and Saffron, 31 percent. Additionally, Peace has jumped 66 percent in popularity, while Shanti, meaning "peace" in Sanskrit, has seen a 34-percent increase.

You might not know this, but there is a whole section of the internet dedicated to "Mommy blogs" helping parents find the perfect health food name for them, including "Yummy Fruit Inspired Baby Names For Girls And Boys" and "Deliciously Adorable Fruit & Veggie Names for Baby." 

Cosmo even jumped on the trend by compiling a list of food-inspired baby names. The most interesting name on the list is arguably Barack, which in addition to being the first name of the former president, is also a Hungarian brandy made from apricots.

At least the crop of 2019 babies with names inspired by fruits and vegetables will *hopefully* be a healthy one! 

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