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October 23, 2020

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Giants game

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The Philadelphia Eagles are bad. Luckily for them, the New York Giants are worse! In a predictably sloppy matchup between two teams in the NFL's worst division, the Eagles eked out a 22-21 win in a game they deserved to lose. As always, win or lose, we hand out 10 awards.

1) The 'Who Kidnapped Doug Pederson and Put This Knockoff Lookalike Doug Pederson In Charge?' Award: Doug Pederson

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Doug Pederson has been a really good coach for the Eagles over the last three-plus seasons, but he has had his down moments in 2020, and this was his worst game in a long time.

To begin, his play calling in high-leverage moments was just... odd.

  1. He called a run up a middle to Boston Scott on a key 3rd and 1, when the run game hadn't worked all night, and the interior of the Eagles' offensive line was getting dominated up front.
  2. There was absolutely nothing creative about the Jalen Hurts packages.
  3. He continued to call deep drops, giving the Giants pass rush opportunities against a clearly struggling offensive line.
  4. His two-point conversion run with Carson Wentz from the 1 was uninspired.
  5. And finally, a fade to the fifth tight end who hadn't played a snap all season, on 4th and Goal?!? What in the hell?

Add in that he was unable to throw the challenge flag in time after the Giants were clearly short of the line to gain in the Eagles' red zone (that's not totally on Pederson), and it was just an awful night for Doug, despite the win. 

2) The 'Hero Ball' Award: Carson Wentz

When you're playing one of the worst teams in the NFL, it's imperative that you do not gift them turnovers, and that's what Wentz did deep in Giants territory. The following was just a head-scratching throw that was picked off in the end zone by James Bradberry.

Seriously, what is that? He was also lucky that a silly throw across his body — and across the field — wasn't disastrous. 

3) The 'Hero Ball, In a Good Way' Award: Wentz

Of course, Wentz is also capable of making spectacular plays as well, and he had his share of those. His best throw of the night, and maybe the season, was on the game-winner to Boston Scott. 

Great throw, great catch. Wentz has been a clutch performer indeed late in games this season, and the Eagles were finally able to pull out a win in one of his comeback efforts.

On the night, Wentz was 25 of 43 for 359 yards, 2 TDs, and the above INT.

4) The 'Choke Job' Award: Evan Engram

Of course, the Eagles wouldn't have been in position to win this game if not for Evan Engram's inexcusable drop that could have sealed it.

Even Eagles receivers were like, "Wow, that was a bad drop."

5) The 'Clutch Pass Rusher' Award: Brandon Graham

This will rank somewhere below his strip sack of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, but BG comes up with big plays in big spots. 

Graham is up to six sacks so far this season, by the way. That more than puts him on pace for his first double-digit sack season, which is crazy for the kind of really good player he has been over the years.

6) The 'No More Misses' Award: Jake Elliott

Some folks were worried about Elliott's mindset after missing three 50-plus yard field goals earlier this season. I guess the bar is raised for NFL kickers these days. 

Against the Giants, though, he missed, dare I say, a 29-yard layup.

Elliott has been a fantastic kicker for the Eagles and isn't going anywhere, but, ew.

7) The 'Never-Ending Injuries' Award: DeSean Jackson And Lane Johnson

DeSean Jackson suffered an ugly-looking leg injury in his first game back since Week 3. He was carted off.

And more importantly, Lane Johnson not only struggled with his ankle all night, but he also had to leave early with a knee injury. The Eagles' offensive line by the end of the night:

 Jordan MailataSua Opeta Jason Kelce Nate Herbig Matt Pryor 

The Eagles had their sixth different starting five offensive line combination in seven games. They are likely to have the seventh combo in eight games in their next matchup against the Cowboys.

8) The 'Lol' Award: Daniel Jones

This game will be remembered for the following play, that just epitomizes the NFC East.

It's terrible defense, in that there's such a wide open lane for Jones to run through, you have Nickell Robey-Coleman giving up on the play at around the 50 yard line, and Jones, who as you can see is a legitimately impressive athlete, just falls on his own. We'll remember this play for years.

9) The 'Gut Punch' Award: The Poor Giants

The "Miracle at the Meadowlands Games I, II, and III, the Jake Elliott 61-yard field goal, the Clyde Simmons blocked field goal TD, and now this. 

Has another team in the NFL suffered as many gut punch losses to a rival as the Giants have to the Eagles? Maybe we'll go a little deeper on that one during the quasi-bye this week.

10) The 'Kings of the East' Award: The Eagles

Behold, your Philadelphia Eagles, kings of the glorious NFC East (for now).

 NFC East
 Football Team

6-9-1 is going to get it done.

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