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March 20, 2015

Wearing high heels too often can cause many injuries

Beauty is pain, but these findings aren't pretty

Frequent high heel wearers may meditate on the mantra "Beauty is pain," but when you consider the foot and leg injuries that stem from stilettos, it's not pretty.

The Washington Post created an informative infographic that might make you think twice before buying those four-inch wearable weapons. 
Shoe Pain

Morton's Neuroma (Intermetatarsal Neuroma)
According to the graphic, there are a dozen foot and leg injuries that can be caused by wearing high heels too often, from ankle injuries to hammertoes and Morton's neuroma, which is a thickening of nerve tissue that occurs between the third and fourth toes eventually leading to permanent nerve damage. 

Heel Injuries
Walking in heels too much can even drastically screw up your posture, by displacing the foot and ankle bones, straining the knee joint and tightening the surrounding tendons, as the graphic shows. 

According to the Spine Health Institute, a woman's body will attempt to compensate for off-kilter balance by leaning forward. Poor posture can then lead to back pain, loss of sleep and productivity and so forth. In other words, looking good can really cost you.

High Heel Solutions

Stretch leg muscles before and after putting on heels: Women's health outlined the best stretches for women who wear high heels.

Find the right heel for you: Here's an helpful guide for an idea of what you should be wearing.

Carry a pair of flats: This will help you limit the amount of time you wear heels and reduce risks of injury.

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