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September 07, 2017

If you love eggs Benedict, you'll want to brunch at this spot

So many options

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Lobster Benedict Courtesy of Pinefish/PhillyVoice

The lobster eggs Benedict.

Oh, eggs Benedict, how we love thee. 

It's arguably the best brunch dish ever. The English muffin, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise add up to the perfect hangover cure on a late Sunday morning.

Just picture that first cut, where the egg breaks, the yolk runs and angels sing.

Most reputable brunch spots have one or two eggs Benedict options on the menu, but if you want an eggs Benedict bonanza, then you'll want to head to this local restaurant.

Pinefish, located at 12th and Pine, is adding eight eggs Benedict options to its Sunday brunch menu, beginning Sept. 10.

Just check out the "Friends with Benedicts" menu below.

• Classic eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon ($13)
• Soft-shell crab Benedict ($19)
• Lobster Benedict ($19)
• Caprese Benedict ($14)
• Chorizo Benedict ($14)
• Oyster Rockefeller Benedict ($18)
• Sardou Benedict with spinach and artichoke ($15)
• Scallops Benedict with truffles ($19) 

All Benedict options are served on an English muffin with two poached eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce and home fries.

"Our soft-shell crab eggs Benedict is by far our most popular brunch item and our guests have been asking if we could provide even more options, so we decided to create a menu dedicated to this delicious favorite," restaurateur Peter Dissin said.

"The Oyster Rockefeller Benedict really is a special dish and not something you'll find in many restaurants."

Friends with Benedicts Menu

Sundays beginning Sept. 10.
1138 Pine St.
(267) 519-2850