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March 17, 2015

It even snowed in Hawaii

Weather Snow
Snow in Hawaii. NASA/Operational Land Imager

The top of Mauna Kea on March 10 (L) and February 22 (R).

Even paradise was a victim of this brutal winter.

According to NASA's Earth Observatory, snow has been falling on the dormant volcano Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. The island was nearly bare on February 22, as seen in an image captured by Nasa's Operation Land Imager:
Snow in Hawaii

But by March 10, the peak was covered:

Snow in Hawaii

KITV Hawaii reports that several feet of snow had fallen on the peaks of both Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on Saturday. While snowfall on these tropical peaks isn't unprecedented, it is rare. The unusual weather delayed the construction of a large telescope. 

Video from KITV shows how crews are working to clear the blizzard like conditions, noting the clearing could take days: