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September 26, 2016

A log of funny tweets from the first 2016 presidential debate

As contest enters final stretch, America's still in need of a good laugh

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092616_FunnyDebateMain @ILOVETEXAS/Twitter

"So who won?"

The final stretch of the 2016 presidential race is in full swing as the first of three debates was held Monday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

To be clear, the outcome of this election is far from a joking matter at this pivotal moment in the history of the United States. Most of our conversations and news consumption surrounding the election are serious in nature at this stage of the contest between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

For all of the focus swirling around the two major candidates' "temperament," every one of us would do well to keep our feverishness from ruining relationships and damaging the free fabric that enables people with differing political viewpoints to co-exist. 

So, to help lighten the mood, here are some of the more comical tweets that surfaced on Twitter on Monday night.