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April 12, 2017

Mets ace Noah Syndergaard calls out Phillies fans

Noah Syndergaard is obviously a guy who throws a million miles per hour with a cool nickname and great hair. He’s going to give the Phillies lineup fits until his arm eventually falls off, and there is nothing more to be said on that front.

Last night, as Yoenis Cespedes and the Mets lineup was teeing off against Clay Buchholz and Adam Morgan, the man known as Thor made an observation from the visiting dugout at Citizens Bank Park, one that wasn’t kind to Phillies fans.

We have a couple of thoughts on this one. First, Syndergaard is right that the wave stinks. In fact, 90 percent of sports fans over the age of 15 would probably agree that the wave is lame.

Unfortunately, the wave tends to catch on in stadiums and arenas when fans are bored. The home team serving up homers that are blasted onto Ashburn Alley qualifies as one of these situations.

Speaking of boredom, you know a group of fans didn’t have a lot to cheer about for a long time? Mets fans!

Heck, that last one came from last season when the Mets were a competitive team. The good news is that, in the case of the wave, Syndergaard is fine with chastising the people who support him as well. This cause is far too important to him.

Syndergaard didn’t pitch in the three-game set, but he did seem to make his presence felt in South Philly this week. Next time he does toe the rubber at CBP, you know what to do, Phillies fans: a consistent wave behind home plate when he is on the mound.

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