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October 14, 2019

Phillies appear to be returning to convention as they interview three veteran managers this week

There seems to be a trend among Philadelphia sport franchise front offices. To take a bold, outside-the-box chance and then revert back to the conventional immediately.

The Eagles tried Chip Kelly (who was surely unconventional) in 2013, only to bring back Andy Reid's disciple in Doug Pederson in 2016. It won them a Super Bowl.

The Sixers tried "The Process" with master tanker Sam Hinkie in 2013 as well, only to swap to NBA veteran GM Bryan Colangelo. While the move to Colengelo didn't exactly work, the team is currently a title contender.

In Philadelphia two years ago, the rebuilding Phillies took a chance on then 41-year-old former player Gabe Kapler — an analytically-minded modern manager to pair with their analytically-minded modern GM Matt Klentak. The experiment didn't work and Kapler was fired last week after back-to-back .500(ish) seasons.

But true to form, it sounds like the Phillies are heading back toward convention with their next hire.

A trio of veteran MLB skippers — all of whom are household names among even casual baseball fans — are slated to interview for the open position this week in Philadelphia.

All three of the above tweeted about managers have ample experience and varying degrees of success. They also all have playoff experience and subscribe mostly to the old school book of managing. Let's take a brief look at each as we await more news regarding the interview process over the course of this week.

Buck Showalter

Age: 63

Awards: AL Manager of the Year (3 times)

Highest level of success: Division Series

Teams managed: Yankees (1992-1995), 313-268 record
Diamondbacks (1998-2000), 250-236 record
Rangers (2003-2006), 319-329 record
Orioles (2010-2018), 669-684 record

Postseason record: 9-14

Connection to Phillies: Worked with several front office members including Andy MacPhail and Klentak in Baltimore

Dusty Baker

Age: 70

Awards: NL Manager of the Year (3 times)

Highest level of success: World Series loss

Teams managed: Giants (1993-2002), 840-715 record
Cubs (2003-2006), 326-322 record
Reds (2008-2013), 509-463 record
Nationals (2016-2017), 192-132 record

Postseason record: 23-32

Connection to Phillies: Coached Bryce Harper for two seasons 

Joe Girardi

Age: 55

Awards: NL Manager of the Year, World Series Champion

Highest level of success: World Series win (2009)

Teams managed: Marlins (2006), 78-84 record
Yankees (2008-2017), 910-710 record

Postseason record: 28-24

Connection to Phillies: "Strong connection" to Phillies president Andy MacPhail from days in Chicago

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