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December 14, 2017

NBA 2K leak may have spoiled upcoming Sixers alternate jersey

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Nike's new set of NBA jerseys have made headlines for all the wrong reasons this season, primarily because they kept getting ripped off the backs of players at the beginning of the year. 

The saga continues this afternoon, as it appears an accidental leak in the video game NBA 2K18 has provided us with an advance look of the fourth jersey Sixers fans will have an opportunity to buy soon enough.

An update within the latest edition of 2K accidentally added digital editions of Nike's "The City" jerseys, which are supposed to add some local flair to the respective franchises. The team at was able to save images for 28 of the 30 jerseys before another quick update removed them from the game, and the Sixers were among teams we got a peak at.

Here's what the leaked Sixers jersey looked like as it appeared in  NBA 2K18:

Not the greatest or highest resolution photo you've ever seen, but enough to give you an idea of what the Sixers are going for. They're keeping the traditional "PHILA" across the chest they have on their white jerseys, but the lettering is obviously a big departure from the bold, all caps lettering of the other white jerseys in their repertoire.

Love it or leave it, this is a pretty accurate representation of what "The City" alternates will look like. Though the team would give no official comment on the matter, there was a strong indication that this leak is authentic, and that you should see some high-res photos of the jerseys emerging sometime in the near future.

I don't think these are anything to be mad at because the team's color scheme and overall design is so strong as is, but it feels like they could have gotten a little bolder for a fourth alternate. When you compare it to the "City" jerseys for other franchises, it's decidedly plain. Houston went with Chinese lettering, the Knicks redesigned the front of their jersey with a fire department-like insignia, and the Utah Jazz went especially crazy, going for an orange sunset look with their new threads. You can take a look at all 28 leaked jerseys here.

In other jersey news, you will get to see another set of Sixers jerseys for the first time on Friday night. The Sixers will debut their red "Statement" jerseys on Friday night against Oklahoma City, which we got a glimpse of prior to the start of preseason.

It's a little late to go Christmas shopping, and there's still no word on when "The City" jerseys will become available to the public. But if you're looking for a little something different to spice up your Sixers wardrobe, some new options are on the way.

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