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March 25, 2015

Report: N.J., Pa. rank high in average public school teacher salaries

NEA releases annual rankings, estimates

Public school teachers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have the sixth and 10th highest average salaries in the country, respectively, according to an annual report released this month by the National Education Association (NEA).

The report, Rankings & Estimates: Rankings of the States 2014 and Estimates of School Statistics 2015, consists of rankings that show how states compare on a variety of education and funding measures, as well as estimates that show how education funding in each state has changed over time and will continue to change.

According to the faculty section of the report, New Jersey ranked sixth in the country, with an average public school teacher salary of $68,238 in 2013-14. Pennsylvania ranked 10th with an average salary of $63,701.

State Avg. Salary 
 New York $76,409 
 Massachusetts $73,195 
 District of Columbia$73,162 
 California $71,396 
 Connecticut $70,583 
 New Jersey $68,238 
 Alaska $65,891 
 Rhode Island $64,696 
 Maryland $64,546 
 Pennsylvania $63,701 

New Jersey also had the second lowest student-teacher ratio (11.8) in fall 2013 and the third highest per-student expenditure ($20,117)The U.S. average student-teacher ratio was 15.9. The U.S. average per student expenditure for public elementary and secondary schools in 2013-14 fall enrollment was $11,355.

Read the full NEA report.