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September 06, 2015

N.J. woman suing Justin Bieber over fall at Philadelphia concert

Woman claims she tripped over cord, suffering severe and permanent injuries

A New Jersey woman is attempting to sue Canadian pop star Justin Bieber after she claims she tripped over a cord during a 2013 "Believe" tour concert in Philadelphia.

According to gossip site TMZ, Beiber and his attorneys say there were no electrical cables in the vicinity of Sandy Ricketts. If she got hurt at the show, Bieber's camp says, she has her own clumsiness to blame.

Bieber's legal documents also point to the fine print on concert tickets, with a disclaimer that fans assume the risk of injury when they attend a show.

Ricketts reportedly claims to have suffered severe and permanent injuries, including a broken shoulder, a busted lip requiring surgery, and a sprained wrist.

According to Entertainment Law Digest, Ricketts sued Bieber, Bieber Time Touring, Bieber Time Merchandise, and Patricia Mallette in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas. She is seeking $50,000 and is represented by Philadelphia attorney Jeffrey Lessin.

Bieber's camp is petitioning the judge to throw the case out.

Maybe this is among the reasons he was crying at the VMAs, but probably not