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May 29, 2015

Pa. high school blasted for 'sexist' letter

Mother, daughter threaten to sue over language about dress code

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052915_letter Biglerville High School /YouTube

Biglerville High School in Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Officials at Biglerville High School in Upper Adams, Pennsylvania, are facing the ire of some students and parents after distributing a dress code letter that many find to be sexist and offensive.

The letter, which was picked up by an ABC News affiliate  instructs "gentlemen" attending the school's senior awards night to "PULL YOUR PANTS UP!" while women are told to "keep 'the girls' covered and supported," People reports.

Other questionable language is covered in the ABC News video below.

One Biglerville student and her mother are threatening to sue the school, which insisted in a statement that the letter does not reflect its values and is a dated document whose author has since retired.

Another perspective comes from a Biglerville alumna from the class of 2012 who told The Evening Sun the dress code is only a joke. The frenzy, in her view, is just a matter of one person sharing their opinion on social media and things taking off from there.