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May 21, 2024

Pa. is rebranding as 'The Great American Getaway' in ad featuring Abbi Jacobson

The 'Broad City' star and Wayne native was tapped for campaign to promote Gov. Josh Shapiro's new state tourism slogan.

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Pennsylvania Slogan Tourism Jimmy Emerson/via Flickr Creative Commons

Gov. Josh Shapiro announced Monday the new state slogan is "Pennsylvania: The Great American Getaway."

With this weekend being the unofficial start to summer, Pennsylvania is rolling out new branding to attract visitors. 

The state's tourism slogan is changing from "Pennsylvania. Pursue Your Happiness" to "Pennsylvania. The Great American Getaway," Gov. Josh Shapiro declared Monday. And a new campaign, aided by Wayne native Abbi Jacobson, is aimed at the 72 million people living within a four-hour drive of the state, Shapiro's office said. 

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Jacobson, the star of "Broad City" and "A League of Their Own," voices the accompanying ads, which will be on display statewide and in nearby cities including New York, D.C., Cleveland and Toronto.

In the commercial, Jacobson notes Philadelphia's historical significance and that the state is home to the oldest theater and operating roller coaster. She cites attractions like the Liberty Bell, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and, of course, cheesesteaks. 

"This is where America's classic pastimes were born, and they're just down the road," Jacobson says. 

Pennsylvania's 192.4 million tourists generated a total economic impact of $76.7 billion in 2022 and supported 486,871 jobs, according to that year's travel and tourism report. Shapiro's proposed budget calls for adding $18 million for tourism and business marketing to bring even more revenue into the state. 

"This new brand and funding will help us grow small businesses, support our communities, and create opportunity for more Pennsylvanians," Shapiro (D) said in a statement. 

The governor and his family is on a weeklong RV tour of the state to visit small business and promote the new branding.