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May 07, 2017

Police officers assaulted during brawl in South Jersey

Authorities in Paulsboro are searching for multiple suspects after a brawl Saturday afternoon embroiled local police officers and required the assistance of law enforcement from neighboring towns.

In a statement, the Paulsboro Police Department said officers responded to a large fight in progress at an undisclosed location.

"Officers were quickly surrounded and assaulted by a very large crowd while attempting to arrest those involved," Paulsboro Chief of Police Vernon R. Marino said.

Most of those involved in the fight were juveniles and young adults. Several arrests were made and more are pending following a review of body cameras and identification of additional suspects.

As a result of Saturday's incident, police said they will be increasing the number of officers on patrol in the area.

Amateur videos of the fight shared on social media were criticized by the department as destructive to Paulsboro's public perception.

"While it's your right to video tape and place on social media people at their (worst) or the ugliness of fights, it's these same videos that continue to stereotype a town and its residents," said Marino. "It is simply irresponsible to post these incidents; doing so only helps to drive copycats wanting their 3 seconds of air time while eroding the core values of this town and it's hard working, law (abiding) citizens."