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July 31, 2015

Police warn of gun violence in 26th District

They are increasing patrols, urging community leaders to help diffuse tensions between rival street gangs

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07312015_ludlow_neighborhood_GE Source/GoogleEarth

The Ludlow section of North Philadelphia, looking north from 6th and Jefferson streets.

Philadelphia police in the 26th District are warning residents of anticipated gun violence between two rival street gangs and asking community leaders to help diffuse tensions.

Sgt. John Massi distributed a community alert Thursday urging anyone in contact with the rival groups to promote peace and cooperation with police. Police also have increased patrols in the area, Massi said.

Massi put the community on notice after a male was shot in the stomach around 1 a.m. Wednesday at Seventh and Diamond streets. A shootout then broke out Thursday afternoon near Seventh and Master streets, but no one was struck, Massi said.

The violence stems from two opposing drug gangs that have warred for years, Massi said. One group congregates near Cruz Rec Center at Sixth and Master streets in the Ludlow neighborhood. The other hangs near a playground at Eighth and Diamond streets, near Temple University.

Massi said he distributed the alert to various community groups, religious leaders, property managers and community media outlets.