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October 15, 2020

Purewrist GO makes contactless payment wearables stylish, safe and affordable while giving back to charity

Bracelet lets you load up prepaid funds, then tap & go to make simple and secure contactless payments for public transit, coffee, groceries, and more

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Pennsylvania residents, along with the rest of the U.S., can now take advantage of contactless payments while also giving back to cancer-focused charities with the launch of the Purewrist GO, an affordable stylish wearable bracelet that makes safe and secure payments as easy as a swipe of the wrist.

For those who flinch at the thought of using cash or handing their card over during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Purewrist GO is making contactless payments easier and more available to the masses. For only $25, users receive:

  1. A color-customizable, waterproof and chargeless bracelet.
  2. A contactless pin protected Mastercard® prepaid card that can be used alongside the bracelet and/or for online transactions.
  3. A companion app where users can connect bank accounts and credit cards, check their balance, view transactions, manage limits, and more.

The Purewrist GO wearable can be used anywhere and everywhere that Mastercard debit contactless payments are accepted. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these contactless point-of-sale terminals have become even more ubiquitous. Depending on which amount you choose to pre-load at checkout: $10, $25, or $50, pre-loaded funds are immediately available for purchases at establishments with these NFC-enabled contactless readers. From retail stores and restaurants, to Pennsylvania SEPTA and New York MTA subways and busses. A swipe of your wrist is all you need.

Here’s a short video on how it works:

Safety and security are clearly top of mind in the Purewrist GO. The bracelet, is a sleek sporty wristband, made from an ultra-durable silicone material that is easy to clean and disinfect, helping reduce any risk of spreading bacteria. The card itself meets strict payment-industry security standards to ensure users are protected against ID theft. The PIN-protected Mastercard account card numbers are also masked for additional security with online transactions – keeping you physically and digitally safe.

If the cost and convenience factors aren’t enough, Purewrist helps users feel even more confident about their purchases through its Gratitude TM give back program. Almost everyone has felt the impact and loss of cancer in some form or another, and the founders of Purewrist, Eric and Ari Gardiner are no different. To help give back, ten percent of the net profits will be donated to cancer-focused charities.

Purewrist is now offering additional charity branded bands that allow users to choose which charity or cause they’d like to support with the donation from their purchase. Most recently, Purewrist released a Purewrist GO wristband for Invisible Hands; a non-profit organization committed to fighting food insecurity by delivering groceries and other essential items to populations vulnerable to COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Featuring the Invisible Hands logo on one of two special edition colors, millennial pink and teal, $5 from each bracelet sold will go directly to the Invisible Hands to help further its support and fight for food security – right in Philly’s own backyard.

In addition to charity, family is a core driver of the Purewrist GO design. Through the app and online portal, parents can automate the amount and frequency of allowance to children and instill values of financial responsibility at a young age. Most importantly the affordable cost of the Purewrist GO makes it possible for parents to get these contactless payment technologies for each of their kids with money that isn’t cash.

Purewrist GO is the flagship consumer product of the larger Purewrist platform which provides a complete end-to-end program and technology experience with reloadable prepaid accounts that can be used anywhere Mastercard Debit is accepted. The Company offers solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

To learn more about Purewrist, visit its website at or watch this short video. To purchase a Purewrist GO and preload your bracelet, click here.