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July 29, 2017

The 'Uber of restaurant staffing' is coming to Philly

Boston startup Jobletics launched in 2016

There truly is an app for everything, right?

Enter Jobletics, the digital platform that connects short-staffed restaurants with people willing to work a shift that day.

The Boston startup is likened to ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, and it's coming to Philadelphia, according to Billy Penn.

The company will reportedly launch here on Monday. 

Jobletics bills itself as one of the fastest growing food-tech startups in the country. Partnering restaurants, caterers, food trucks, hotels and markets can create shifts through the app and request cooks, servers, dishwashers, hosts or bussers through Jobletics, according to a company website.

Workers signed up and approved through the app are called "jobletes." They can set their own schedule through Jobletics to decide when they want to work. They'll then receive shift offers from businesses and can accept any shifts that match their job types and availability.

The site also claims that temporary jobs made available through the app pay well above industry averages.

Got all that?

The app, which launched in early 2016, drew the attention of the Boston Globe last year. In that report, Jobletics staff members told the newspaper that if ongoing temporary work develops into a long-term arrangement between a worker and a business, Jobletics won't stand in the way of a permanent hire.

"We've definitely been called the Uber of staffing restaurant service," Jobletics founder Rahul Sharma told the Globe. "These are our employees. We give benefits, we give workers' comp, all of that stuff, and we make sure that the quality bar is very, very high."

So high, in fact, that the company hires 8 percent of its applicants.

"We have a lower acceptance rate than some of the Ivy League schools here," Sharma quipped in the report.

Interested in giving it a shot nonetheless? You can apply here.