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May 20, 2017

Seth Meyers shares his advantage to interviewing Kellyanne Conway that news stations don't have

Interviewing Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway can be a challenge.

Conway, who hails from Camden County, has been called President Donald Trump's "spin-master" for her ability to get around difficult questions from news anchors seeking answers, but "Late Night" host Seth Meyers says he's got a little trick for keeping things under control. 

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While many late night TV hosts have gotten attention for their jabs at the current administration, Meyers, who once hosted "Weekend Update" for "Saturday Night Live," was praised earlier this year for bringing political figures on his show and asking serious questions.

His appreciation for the hard-hitting stuff was made clear in January during an interview with Conway.

Meyers' secret? His audience. Meyers shared his advantage during a recent interview with GQ titled, "Seth Meyers Is the Most Patriotic Man in America."

He said:

"With Kellyanne Conway, the thing I realized from watching the news was that here was somebody who obviously had all these interview chess moves that were at a much higher level than I could operate on. But the huge advantage I have over people in the news is a live audience. It’s so great, because they serve as an audible b------t detector. There was a moment where I said to Kellyanne, 'That's a pivot.' I feel like if Jake Tapper said that, she'd say, 'No, it's not,' and explain why it wasn't a pivot. But when I said, 'That's a pivot,' the audience laughed, and it took away her ability to lie. She would not just be saying that I was wrong but 200 other people were wrong."

Meyers also told GQ that he would like to interview White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Although, it doesn't seem likely that the sit-down will happen anytime soon. There's talk of a shake-up in Trump's communication department and scaling back Spicer's public appearances, according to Politico

Conway has seemed to cut back on her TV appearances, too. While she was recently on CNN to defend Trump's abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey – where anchor Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes at her, a move that quickly turned viral – she skipped an interview on Fox earlier this week.

Missed Meyers' interview with Conway in January? Check it out below: