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May 19, 2015

'Summer Splash' will not be welcomed back to Clementon Park after risqué videos of fundraiser surface

Sexually explicit videos from adult party at Clementon Park spark outrage on social media

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Clementon park twerk Edited screenshot /instagram user @james3426

Clementon Park & Splash World visitors are outraged by videos of private party posted to Instagram.

Things got a little bit naughty last weekend at Clementon Park & Splash World when “Summer Splash,” an adults-only Sickle Cell Anemia fundraiser turned into a raunchy twerk convention

Even legendary DJ Cosmic Kev was tweeting about the party all day on Saturday; he has since deleted the photos and videos from his Instagram account. 


(NSFW Warning: You might find some of the content hyperlinked below offensive.)

Though the entire park was rented out for the fundraiser and children were not exposed to the titillating dance scenes and manhandling in person, the event incited outrage when videos of the festivities were shared via social media. 

Traditionally a place for family, many of the park's regulars thought these adult visitors were splashing around a little too hard. A large fight even broke out in the middle of the party.

Clementon Park & Splash world issued a statement on its Facebook page Monday, making it clear that the organizers of this particular event would not be welcomed back to the park. 


Reactions to the post were polarizing. Some commenters threatened to stop going to Clementon Park & Splash World altogether while others didn't find the mischief too objectionable. 



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