Joseph Santoliquito

Joseph Santoliquito

Joseph Santoliquito is an award-winning sportswriter based in the Philadelphia area who has written feature stories for,,,, Deadspin and The Philadelphia Daily News. In 2006, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for a special project piece for called “Love at First Beep.” He is most noted for his award-winning feature on high school wrestler A.J. Detwiler in February 2006, which appeared on SportsCenter. In 2015, he was elected president of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

October 31, 2020


Sean McDermott proud to be one of three current NFL head coaches from Philadelphia area

Sean McDermott sat there frozen. He didn’t want to believe the words that were coming from then-Eagles’ coach Andy Reid. After what on paper looked like a productive defensive season for the Eagles, finishing 12th overall in defense after the 2010 season, Reid told McDermott he was fired as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator. “How crazy this is going to sound, it was the best thing for my career,” said McDermott, a 1993 La Salle College High School graduate. “Sometimes you have to take some knocks, get some scars to learn and grow. I won’t forget what Coach Reid said to me point blank, ‘This will be the best thing for you.’ He was right. I didn’t want to believe it at the time, but he was right.

October 29, 2020


Playing for Isaiah: How La Salle’s football team mended its season after a tragic loss

Being a 17-year-old high school football player comes with a certain invincible veneer. You’re impregnable stainless steel. You’re going to live forever, and probably be able to walk through a few walls of fire without a scratch while doing it. Then reality hits. It whacks you across the face. It forces you to re-evaluate. It reminds you of a very basic tenet that every second does indeed count. Especially when it involves taking someone far too young and far too good, like Isaiah Turner.

October 27, 2020


Jeremiah Jr. and Josiah Trotter's on-field reunion for St. Joe's Prep is a dream come true

His voice is deeper. His face is sharper, more distinct, just like his build. Josiah Trotter has done a lot of growing up in a year’s time. The St. Joseph’s Prep sophomore middle linebacker, and youngest of beloved former Eagles’ linebacker Jeremiah Trotter’s three kids, is getting his man strength early.

September 30, 2020


Out of prison, Craig Carton wants to return to radio — and possibly the Philly airwaves

In “Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth,” former WFAN host Craig Carton takes a sobering reflection of where he was on the sports media landscape, what he lost and how he lost it to a hidden master, a deck of cards at a blackjack table.

September 14, 2020


Joe Judge brings Philly toughness, impressive coaching pedigree to rival Giants

The neighborhood didn’t need a radio to find an Eagles-Cowboys score. They could hear the screaming and hollering blocks away from the Judge home, where 14 were cooped up.

September 9, 2020


With leadership questions behind him, the Eagles are Carson Wentz’s team now

The familiar voices that used to echo through the NovaCare Complex, Lincoln Financial Field and through the bowels of U.S. Bank Stadium one early-February Sunday in 2018 are gone now.

August 28, 2020


With St. Joe's Prep's season in doubt, Jeremiah Trotter Jr.'s comeback may have to wait until college

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. won’t have to look far. One inward rotation of his right arm and it’s there, a jagged, somewhat twisted reminder that runs over a foot long, from his elbow to the top of his triceps.

August 11, 2020


Flyers goalie Carter Hart was built for pressure of Stanley Cup playoffs

Right now, the Flyers are poised to do something that they haven’t done in 45 years — win a Stanley Cup. If they do, it’s because of the uncanny poise and focus of a 6-foot-2, 190-pound goaltender who’s going to turn 22 on Thursday, with a penchant for cheesesteaks, the Eagles and Philadelphia.

August 1, 2020


Are the Flyers dangerous in the bubble? Experts say yes

Just like that, in the sweeping wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it went away. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the Flyers were the hottest team in the National Hockey League on March 12, when the NHL decided to “pause” its season. Prior to the break, Philadelphia had won nine of its last 10 games and 10 of its last 12. The Flyers carried a 41-21-7 record during the truncated regular season, good for 89 points, one point behind the Metropolitan Division-leading Washington Capitals.

July 25, 2020


In an empty Citizens Bank Park, one man is responsible for the cheers of 40,000 Phillies fans

If anyone knows the sounds of Philadelphia, it has to be Mark DiNardo. The veteran audio/visual operator was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and interned at PRISM.


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