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May 27, 2016

Straight Shooters Podcast 42: Talking the WWE brand extension with Nick Kayal

This week, Nick and Vaughn are joined by Nick Kayal as they talk about the huge news of the week. What will eventually become of this new WWE brand extension? Will it be successful whereas the last one wasn't? Will Vince McMahon get tired of the concept and do away with it ass he did the previous one? The guys will all answer these questions and a lot more questions on Episode 42.

They'll also break down our draft rankings to see where they stand overall in WWE, and Kayal provides his own WWE Mock Draft as Nick and Vaughn comment on it. They also touch on what this means for NXT and the unfortunate decision to release Cody Rhodes, although it was his decision to ask for it.

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WWE to honor heroes on Memorial Day

WWE will honor those who have given their lives in the name of the country Monday night on Raw: