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January 24, 2020

SUV driver crashes into Delaware County building early Friday morning

The crash occurred early Friday morning in Collingdale

Delaware County Car Accident
Collingdale car accident CBS 3 Philadelphia/YouTube

The crash left a gaping hole in the building and a pile of debris on the sidewalk.

A female SUV driver crashed her vehicle into a Delaware County apartment building early Friday morning, leaving a gaping hole in the building and a pile of bricks on the street.

Police said that the driver was heading southbound on Clifton Avenue nearby Broad Street in Collingdale when she attempted to make a U-turn at an intersection. She reportedly went onto a church lawn and crashed into a metal utility pole, preventing the car from flying into a nearby pizza shop, according to 6ABC.

The driver then drove into the brick apartment building on the corner of Clifton and Broad, sending a wooden support beam into the passenger side of the SUV’s windshield that almost hit the woman.

“First she hit the telephone pole, the telephone pole over there that’s in my grass now and then she ran into the house,” an eyewitness resident said to CBS 3.

Police and firefighters responded to the accident and pulled the woman from the car after she was trapped in the vehicle by debris. She was then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“My daughter and them ran out. She went to check the young lady,” another eyewitness said to CBS 3. “She was like, ‘don’t move, we’re calling 911.’ She was strapped in the seatbelt. My daughter said her face was bloody. But my daughter said, ‘mom, she’s alive, she’s alive.'”

No one in the apartment building was injured, but the crash displaced two families. Both Verizon and PECO were called to the scene to fix the damaged utility power line.

Clifton Avenue between MacDade Boulevard and Spruce Street are currently shut down as a result of the crash, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation by the police.