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Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients, but there's a simple way to stop it

Hospital brush teeth

Women's Health

Self-managed abortions gain attention, but helpers risk legal trouble

Self-Managed Abortion

Health News

How Pfizer won the pandemic, reaping outsize profit and influence

Pfizer COVID-19 pandemic

Health Insurance

How much health insurers pay for almost everything must now be made public

Doctor's stethoscope

Women's Health

Genetic screening results just got harder to handle under new abortion rules

Genetic Testing Abortion

Healthy Eating

New weight loss treatment is marked by heavy marketing and modest results

Weight scale

Children's Health

It's hot outside — and that's bad news for children's health

Heat Waves Climate Change

Children's Health

For many low-income families, getting formula has always been a strain

Baby formula

Women's Health

Skirmishes over medication abortion renews debate on state vs. federal powers

Pregnant woman in office

Women's Health

Should you worry about data from your period-tracking app being used against you?

Period Tracking App


Novavax missed its global moonshot but is angling to win over mRNA defectors

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine


How better ventilation can help 'COVID-proof' your home

COVID-19 Indoor ventilation

Women's Health

Ripple effects of abortion restrictions confuse care for miscarriages

Abortion Pregnancy care


Why won't more older Americans get their COVID-19 booster shots?

Senior covid booster

Children's Health

Babies die as congenital syphilis continues a decade-long surge across the U.S.

Baby in Hospital


Losing sleep over the pandemic? Work flexibility may be a boon for night owls' health

Night Owl Work


Can melatonin gummies solve family bedtime struggles? Experts advise caution

Melatonin Sleep Children

Health News

COVID's 'silver lining': Research breakthroughs for chronic disease, cancer and the flu

Long COVID Research


A $35 insulin cap is welcome, popular and bipartisan, but Congress may not pass it anyway

Insulin Cap

Mental Health

Gun ownership is increasing among Black people in the U.S. Is it driving up Black suicide rates?

Gun Sales Suicide

Health Insurance

HIV preventive care is supposed to be free in the US. So, why are some patients still paying?

PrEP HIV Prevention

Women's Health

Why pregnant people were left behind while vaccines moved at ‘warp speed’ to help the masses

Pregnant Women COVID-19 vaccines

Health Stories

Teen traveled to Philly to get vaccinated against his parents' wishes

Vaccine Consent Philly

Adult Health

Don't nurse that Moscow mule — it could be a health hazard

Copper mugs safe

Mental Health

Ready for another pandemic malady? It's called 'decision fatigue'

COVID-19 Decision Fatigue


It's day 6 of COVID, and a rapid antigen test comes back positive. Stay home, say virologists.

COVID-19 Rapid Test


What patients can learn with confidence from one negative rapid test (Hint: very little)

Rapid Tests Reliability

Children's Health

As omicron surges, effort to vaccinate young children stalls

Child COVID-19 Vaccines


The war on cancer at 50: The origin story begins with a socialite citizen-lobbyist

Nixon National Cancer Act

Children's Health

Pandemic poses short- and long-term risks to babies, especially boys

COVID-19 Babies Health


With overdose deaths surging, advocates on the ground push for over-the-counter naloxone

Naloxone Opioid Drug


Is it time to change the definition of 'fully vaccinated?'

Fully Vaccinated COVID-19


Why you can't find cheap at-home COVID tests

Rapid COVID-19 Test

Children's Health

A COVID head-scratcher: Why lice lurk despite physical distancing

Head Lice COVID-19


Patients went into the hospital for care. After testing positive there for COVID, some never came out

COVID-19 Transmission Hospitals

Health News

ERs are swamped with seriously ill patients, although many don't have COVID

Emergency Departments COVID-19


COVID-19 testing, turnaround times are still uneven this far into pandemic


COVID-19 immunity through infection or vaccination: Are they equal?

Adult Health

What the stalemate on Capitol Hill means for your drug prices

U.S. Capitol Drug Price Reform

Adult Health

How rape affects memory, and why police need to know about that brain science

Rape Memory Brain

Adult Health

Microbiome startups promise to improve your gut health, but is the science solid?

082721 Microbiome Startups Gut Health Science.jpg

Children's Health

Reading, 'rithmetic and resisting COVID: The new 3 R's as kids head back to school

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