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New app helps expectant mothers navigate the unique challenges of pregnancy after child loss

Pregnancy After Loss app

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Even a single alcoholic drink during early pregnancy increases miscarriage risk

Alcohol use pregnancy

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More women are choosing to delay having children until their 40s — but the choice isn't without risks

Pregnancy after 40

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Recurrent miscarriages could be treated by a type 2 diabetes medication, study says

Recurrent miscarriages treatment

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This common dietary supplement ingredient has been tied to higher risk of miscarriage

Vinpocetine 06042019

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PhillyVoice contributor pushes for more openness around miscarriage on 'Good Day' segment

katies baby pregnancy infant loss month

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There are several types of miscarriage, but none are talked about enough


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Yesterday was my due date and today we remember those who have lost a baby



Officials warn of potential measles exposure at Newark airport

newark EWR airport


Prosecutor: Attack in Asbury Park caused pregnant victim's miscarriage

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