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August 21, 2016

'Thin blue line' painted on Camden County street to support police

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082116_blue_police Borough of Oaklyn/Facebook

West Clinton Avenue in Oaklyn, Camden County, New Jersey.

One New Jersey borough found a simple way to show support for its law enforcement officers.

West Clinton Avenue in Oaklyn, Camden County is now displaying a thin blue line, local officials announced Friday on the town's Facebook page.

The symbol is commonly used to display support for law enforcement and honor fallen officers.

The Department of Public Works, which is headed by Rick Hawco, painted the line between the double yellow lines in the middle of the five-block road that runs from the White Horse Pike to Kendall Boulevard.

The police department said officers were "humbled by this act and wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Hawco, the DPW crew and the entire Borough of Oaklyn."

The gesture also received overwhelming praise on social media.