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December 08, 2016

Uber lays out reasons why riders could be banned from using service

Uber finally became legal in Philadelphia last month, and lo and behold, the popular ridesharing has issued its first warning to users nationwide about behaviors that can get you banned from using the service.

On Thursday, the company unveiled its updated community guidelines for both drivers and riders to have an enjoyable experience. The company said it has taken action against both drivers and riders in the past, but has never published a clear policy publicly. Laying out the policy will help ensure customers know what actions are acceptable.

Uber reminds riders to be on time, be at the designated pick-up location, buckle up and don't leave trash in the car. Breaking those instructions won't get you banned from the service, but it will probably affect your rating.

The company outlined eight behaviors, which the company will investigate, that will open up riders to a ban:

• Damaging drivers’ or other passengers’ property. This includes damaging the car, smoking and vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption.

• Physical contact with the driver or fellow riders. No sex, flirting or violence with anyone else in the car.

• Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures. Don't ask inappropriate questions, issue threats or make gestures that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful.

• Unwanted contact with the driver or fellow passenger after the trip is over. Refrain from calling, texting or visiting your driver after you reached your destination.

• Breaking the local law while using Uber. Don't bring drugs or open containers of alcohol into the car or ask the driver to break traffic laws. Uber also explicitly states do not use the service for the purpose of "drug and human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children."

• Firearms Ban. Both riders and drivers are prohibited from carrying firearms during a ride.

• Discrimination. Don't discriminate against drivers and other passengers based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable law.

• Fraud or Illegitimate Behavior. Outlawed activity includes "abusing promotions; collusion between rider and driver; disputing fares for fraudulent or illegitimate reasons; or duplicate accounts."

Philadelphians should have no problem adhering to these simple guidelines.