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April 27, 2016

Videos: Chris Christie rocks out to Springsteen; wife Mary Pat (maybe) rolls eyes at Trump

Governor goes viral once again

It's been an eventful few days for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who spent Monday rocking out to his favorite musician and Tuesday (once again) standing behind Donald Trump, who was possibly getting a coy look from Christie's wife in the process.

And like many of the things the governor does or says, both appearances went viral to some degree.

The first series of videos of the governor making the Internet rounds are those of him enthusiastically enjoying New Jersey superstar Bruce Springsteen's concert at the Barclays Center, where he pumped his fists and posed for selfies:

Christie has said while he's a fan of Springsteen, they're not "friends" in the same way he is with fellow New Jerseyan Bon Jovi.

The next night, Christie was present, along with wife Mary Pat Christie, at Trump Tower in New York for Trump's victory speech after he swept five Northeastern primaries, including Pennsylvania and Delaware.

At one point, Trump — whom Christie endorsed after dropping out of the race — stated that Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, was playing "the woman's card" and that he thinks she wouldn't even be getting 5 percent of the vote if she were a man.

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Several media outlets noted that the statement appeared to have drawn a reaction from Mary Pat Christie, who, they say, seems to roll her eyes, smirk and glance over at her husband. View the videos and judge for yourself:

Was it actually an eye roll, a "side eye" or just nothing at all?

The scrutiny over her facial expression may seem like a bit much, but it's nothing new to the Christies. Chris Christie knows that all too well.